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MLB proposes rule changes to strike zone, intentional walks quoting : blessyouboys

according to The change to the strike zone would raise the lower edge of the zone from “the hollow just below the knee” to just above the knee of the batter.
Changes to the strike zone would have a far greater impact on the game.
Detroit has its share of hitters who could take advantage of pitches up in the strike zone.
As far as impact on the Detroit Tigers, a higher strike zone would not help pitchers with a high ground ball percentage such as Mike Pelfrey or Michael Fulmer.
According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, Major League Baseball has formally proposed two rule changes to the MLB Players’ Association.

MLB proposes rule changes to strike zone, intentional walks

As it stated in Report: MLB pushing to change intentional walks, raise strike zoneMajor League Baseball is pushing for some major changes that could change how games are officiated going forward.
Sources told ESPN’s Jayson Stark that the league has proposed a major change to intentional walks.
We have seen intentional walk attempts end in wild pitches or even swings that lead to the pitch being put in play.
There was an intentional walk once every 5.2 games in 2016, and the rule change would only take about a minute per walk off game times.
Sure, such occasions are rare, but intentional walks as a whole aren’t that common either and would do little to address the pace-of-game issue that commissioner Rob Manfred is so devoted to fixing.

As it stated in

MLB might shrink the strike zone (good idea) and institute automatic intentional walks (dumb idea)

Here’s hoping the strike zone gets smaller but the old-school intentional walk survives another day.
MLB should shrink the strike zone yesterday.
Never in the game’s history has a batter been more likely to strike zone and less likely to put the ball in play.
The strike zone is currently defined as ending at “the hollow beneath the kneecap,” but umpires increasingly call strikes even lower than that.
Both the strike zone change and the new intentional walk system need to be approved by the Players Association before they become law of the diamond.

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