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AOL : declared in Vet nurse massages tennis ball out of snake’s mouth in viral video

referring to The 1.5-meter long snake swallowed a tennis ball; vets believe that he swallowed it within 24 hours of being found in a backyard in Townsville, Australia.
This is Prendergast’s first tennis ball removal, but she has removed plastic eggs and golf balls before.
Snake handler and vet nurse Trish Prendergast massaged the ball out of its mouth — and it was all caught on camera:According to Prendergast, the snake would have starved if the ball did not come out.
See photos of the snake4 PHOTOS Snake saved from choking on tennis ball See Gallery Snake saved from choking on tennis ball Credit: Facebook Credit: Facebook Credit: Facebook Up Next See Gallery Discover More Like This HIDE CAPTION SHOW CAPTION of SEE ALL BACK TO SLIDEThe procedure took 30 minutes to complete, because Prendergast had to be gentle.
“It just ate a rat, I just put it back in a cage and its all happy and fat,” she said.

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Teacher creates tennis ball chairs to help students with autism

One teacher’s Pinterest-inspired chairs are making a big difference for students with autism.
EMBED >More News Videos Comestics store employee steps in to help boy with autism, Chauncy Glover reports.
“I wanted to continue to address the various sensory needs present at Ellis and provide an alternative seating option for the students,” Maplethorpe told ABC News.
“I was excited that this chair could be beneficial for my students.
“”Students have become more patient, have followed directions, and restlessness has decreased while waiting for activities,” she added.Maplethorpe saw a similar item on Pinterest and adapted the idea to create the chairs, which will service approximately 15 to 20 students in the school’s sensory room.

Carpet python makes meal of tennis ball thinking it is prey

as declared in The tennis ball is not the first unusual item Ms Prendergast has had to remove, with other snakes swallowing things like plastic chicken eggs and a golf ball.
A snake had a tennis ball removed in Queensland.
Following the X-rays, the professionals guessed the foreign object was a tennis ball and that the snake had made the poor meal choice not too long before it was spotted.
Source; Townsville Snakehandler/ FacebookMs Prendergast urges anyone who notices a reptile who may have swallowed a foreign object to call a professional for help.
Ms Prendergast said it would have eaten the ball as it would have smelt like a “prey item”.

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