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golocalprov : reported that Greatest Penalty Call Ever

according to — Marina Molnar (@mkmolnar) February 13, 2017NHL referee Wes McCauley made the greatest penalty call ever.
video: Greatest Penalty Call EverFive minutes each for FIGHTING!
The Red Sox’ offense should be prolific enough to keep us entertained this summer, but the entire season?
Thankfully, NCAA March Madness is around the corner, followed by Red Sox Opening Day, and the Masters.
After both players went to the penalty box, McCauley announced the penalties to the crowd in the arena and those watching on televison with passion.

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OSG Sports :: Best Hockey Fight Penalty Call by a Referee—Ever!

OSG Sports :: Best Hockey Fight Penalty Call by a Referee---Ever!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sportsby: OSGPhil/@osgphilLike OSG sports on FacebookIt’s not every day a referee overshadows a fight in the NHL.
It came during the Boston Bruins/Montreal Canadiens game in the Gah-den shortly after the puck dropped.
Once the referees got them separated and heading towards their respective penalty boxes, referee Wes McCauley went to make the penalty call….(make sure to keep volume up on this)Love the emphasis here by McCauley….
But it did happen and Sunday night—we may have heard the best/funniest fighting penalty call of all-time (this week).
The fight probably was the biggest highlight of the night for Montreal as they were shut out by Tuukka Rask and the Bruins 4-0.

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The Greatest Hockey Penalty Call Of All Time

Here’s A Ref With Probably The Greatest Hockey Penalty Call Of All TimeNow for the most part, that fight sucked balls.
Surprisingly, Krug and Shaw weren’t sent to the penalty box for fighting as anybody watching the game would have been led to believe.
It didn’t take long for fans to indulge in one of the biggest reasons why we love hockey, as the game’s first fight went down in the first minute.
You see, kids, the two players had to spend five minutes in timeout because they were…wait for it…FIGHTING!
You guessed it: The way the referee announced what each of the five-minute penalties was for.

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