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SMH : declared in How Malcolm Turnbull played a part in the rise of Donald Trump 2.0

referring to So he threatened to tear up Beijing’s cherished One China policy, a fundamental recognition of the regime’s legitimacy.
Says Green: “Trump’s going-in position is as a maximalist – ‘the thing you want most is what I am going to take away’.
If Trump breached the One China policy, the consequences “are hard to imagine”.
Henry Kissinger said it was “unwise” to upset the One China policy.
Mike Green says that Trump’s upset with Malcolm Turnbull helped push the president towards reality: “That phone call was deeply embarrassing for Trump.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Donald Trump encouraged him to improve relations with Vladimir Putin

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said Donald Trump encouraged him to improve his country’s relations with Vladimir Putin during their recent meeting.
Mr Abe has held more than a dozen talks with Mr Putin and has described the Russian leader as “a man who keeps his promises.”
Abe and Trump condemn North Korea’s latest missile launchMr Trump has taken a softer approach towards Moscow than the Obama administration.
In an interview with NHK public television, Mr Abe said he suggested to Mr Trump the problems of Syria, Ukraine and Iran could not be resolved unless the US and Russian leaders meet face to face.
“President Trump understands Japan’s [policy] to promote dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin to resolve the territorial issue,” Mr Abe said in an interview after returning from the United States, where he held meetings with Mr Trump in Washington and played a round of golf with him in Florida.

North Korea's missile was fired at the ideal time for Japan – Donald Trump could now end up changing Asian politics

according to The UK Prime Minister took advantage of a prior speaking engagement in Philadelphia to make a short detour to Washington.
There are parallels with the efforts made by the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, in the direction of Washington, but significant differences, too.
Just 10 days after Trump’s election, the Japanese Prime Minister defied protocol to make a flying visit to the President-elect in New York.
North Korea’s firing of a missile halfway across the Sea of Japan, at the very time when the Japanese Prime Minister was being hosted by the new US President, offered a salutary case in point.
Then again, Trump’s promises to take a hard line towards China offer another, less openly acknowledged reason for the equanimity, even enthusiasm, with which Japan has accepted President Trump.

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