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Analyst fired over Venus Williams comment sues ESPN quoting :

As it stated in Former ESPN analyst Doug Alder is suing the network for wrongful termination over comments he made about Venus Williams during the Australian Open.
It also mentions a Nike commercial titled “Guerrilla Tennis” that featured Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.
Adler claims he described Williams as having a “guerrilla” style of play rather than a “gorilla” style of play, the latter of which was interpreted as a racist remark and led to his dismissal following a Jan. 18 match.
The lawsuit claims intentional infliction of emotional stress and economic damages.
The Los Angeles Superior Court complaint argues that tennis experts use the term “guerrilla tennis” to describe aggressive play, and that ESPN “bowed to the Twitter universe of haters and those ignorant of tennis who thought (Adler) used the word ‘gorilla’ to describe Venus Williams that day.”Adler’s complaint filed offers no mention of him having a contract, citing an “employment relationship” with the network, suggesting he may not have been a contractual employee — a condition that would strengthen his case.

Analyst fired over Venus Williams comment sues ESPN

as mentioned in Adler was doing play-by-play commentary on ESPN for Williams’ Jan. 18 match against Stefanie Voegele, saying Williams was playing more aggressively after Voegele missed serves.
Venus Williams (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images) | Doug Adler (Video still via TMZ Sports)LOS ANGELES (AP) — A tennis commentator dropped by ESPN for a remark about Venus Williams during the Australian Open sued the sports network Tuesday for wrongful termination.
The suit points out that “Guerrilla Tennis” was the name of a Nike TV ad from the 1990s featuring Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.
“During an Australian Open stream on ESPN3, Doug Adler should have been more careful in his word selection.
Offended viewers called for Adler to be fired for comparing Williams, who is African-American, with a gorilla.

as mentioned in

In wake of Venus Williams gorilla, guerrilla racism controversy, Doug Adler sues EPSN over sacking

“I knew I’d been treated badly and unfairly,” Adler told the Southern California News Group on Tuesday.
When reached for comment on the lawsuit, ESPN told The Post on Tuesday, “We have not been served.”
“They told me the Twitter world had basically started labelling me as a racist,” Adler said.
The lawsuit alleges ESPN’s firing of him “has since caused other employers to shun Adler, causing Adler serious financial and emotional harm.”
When ESPN relieved Adler of his duties last month, the network told The Post, “Doug Adler should have been more careful in his word selection.”

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