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Bryce Harper wore a Cowboys hat to WWE Monday Night RAW quoting : federalbaseball

As it stated in Bryce Harper has an interesting relationship with D.C. gear.
On one hand, Harper has been spotted in anything from “202” t-shirts to “You like that” shirts.
On the other hand, every now and then, he’ll do something like this, where he’ll wear gear from another team in another city (not D.C. or Vegas).
But now for the real question: Is Harper leaning towards signing with the Rangers in 2018?
But this one is a little much, even for Harper; the Cowboys hold a special place in the hearts of D.C. sports fans in terms of just how much hate they have for Dallas.

Bryce Harper wore a Cowboys hat to WWE Monday Night RAW

referring to If you didn’t already know, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is a big Dallas Cowboys fan.
The four-time All-Star is just one of many celebrity fans of the Dallas Cowboys.
Harper’s fandom was on display again as he went to see WWE’s Monday Night Raw in Las Vegas rocking a snapback Cowboys hat .
So many in fact, we’ve dedicated an entire gallery to archive some of the most prominent members of #CowboysNation.
The list includes the likes of LeBron James, Jay Z, Denzel Washington, and many others.

referring to

Bryce Harper is spending one of his few days before spring training at WWE Raw — Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) February 11, 2017 It might be a few more months until we start playing.
How is Bryce Harper spending the final few days of his offseason?
We’re proud to be a Vegas team for Vegas locals.
Over the weekend Harper went to the photo shoot for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion team joining the NHL next season. — Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) February 11, 2017Why is Harper spending the last few days of his offseason at WWE events and NHL photo shoots instead of taking extra batting practice until his hands bleed?

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