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MLB Doesn’t Expect Extra Innings Rule To Reach Majors, Rob Manfred Says stat :

referring to Now, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is shying away from making that rule a reality anywhere else.
Manfred spoke to the media Thursday and said he doesn’t expect the rule to ever be implemented in the majors, but the rookie leagues still will go through with the experiment this season.
For now, it seems as though small adjustments like limiting the time relievers have to warm up are more effective than sweeping changes.
“In rookie ball where crowds are small, games are really developmental, starting the 10th inning with a runner on base makes sense because there’s really no developmental reason to play 18 innings and end with a shortstop pitching.
And who knows, if we remain open-minded, we may learn something from this experiment that’s helpful moving forward.”That’s good for baseball fans to hear, especially considering the rule could backfire and make extra innings longer by creating more offense.

MLB Doesn’t Expect Extra Innings Rule To Reach Majors, Rob Manfred Says

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Here’s something MLB commissioner Rob Manfred gets right

as declared in MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred explains the potential rule changes the league can use to increase the pace of the game.
Among the ideas Manfred endorsed were raising the strike zone, eliminating the intentional walk and finding ways to streamline instant replay.
He said the strike zone has been creeping downward in recent years even though the rulebook definition of a strike hasn’t changed.
Sources have indicated, however, that the change in the strike zone is unlikely to be agreed to for this season.
Finally, the commissioner said he knows that many fans resist changes in a game they love.

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