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MLB is pushing to stream games on Facebook stat : sbnation

according to Being able to attract to cord-cutters on the biggest social media platform in the world certainly couldn’t hurt.
MLB seems to also realize they need to join the 21st century, and according to reports they are pushing for a deal with Facebook for the tech giant to stream one game per week.
MLB still has work to do in marketing to young people — like changing their social media rules around sharing highlights and figuring out how to market their stars — but this potential partnership with Facebook is a nice start.
We saw Twitter have success with Thursday Night Football last year, and Facebook is an even larger platform.
In the eyes of many, they are losing younger generations right now and they’re focusing on trying to get them back.

MLB is pushing to stream games on Facebook

as informed in While Friday brings us our first taste of MLB games this spring, the schedule begins in full force on Saturday, with 16 games on the slate.
But on Friday, we have actual MLB teams playing each other for the first time in nearly four full months.
There were some straggler games the last few days, with some MLB teams playing a local college team as an opener to their exhibition spring slate.
Major League Baseball teams across the land have been in their various spring training camps for the better part of two weeks now, and on Friday, we finally get some real baseball action to watch, with five games between a pair of major league teams.
Also in the Phoenix area on Friday, the Milwaukee Brewers will be in action, hosting the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Maryvale.

Spring training schedule 2017: Real, live MLB baseball games start Friday

as informed in As for speeding games, this rule change will save, over the next 100 years, a total of roughly six minutes.
But MLB and team owners will mess with the game before they’ll mess with their money.
While an “agreement” has been reached to restore the Yankees on YES to Comcast’s 930,000 area subscribers, the unanswered question becomes when.
They’d have to negotiate some relatively slight givebacks on TV and radio rights to save the game from its runaway excesses.
Dave Strader, solid longtime play-by-player who just returned to call Stars’ games, will call it.

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