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WWE news 2017: Wrestling star reveals injury after SmackDown attack stat : Daily Star

as mentioned in The 33-year-old went head to head in a WWE SmackDown Live clash against Natalya on Tuesday (February 21).
But Natalya stayed strong and soon the fight was taken backstage where it became ultra violent.
Nikki introduced weapons to the bout by smacking Natalya across the ribs with a kendo stick.
In shocking video – available above – Natalya grabs Nikki by the hair and throws her into Maryse who goes flying through a curtain to the floor.
The brunette stunner then almost pinned her Canadian opponent after drop-kicking her off a table.

WWE news 2017: Wrestling star reveals injury after SmackDown attack

according to 1 of 6Credit: WWE.comWhen making predictions about WWE Fastlane 2017, it’s important to remember that the WWE Universe is, in terms of the narrative, a morally correct universe.
Here are some early predictions for WWE Fastlane 2017.
Fastlane is the appetizer to the main course; there will be match results, which will lead to the fallout, which will lead to WrestleMania moments.
The company, especially in recent years, has been hellbent on creating fantastic “WrestleMania moments” that will leave the audience feeling good at the end of the night.
It’s with that mindset that one can make accurate predictions on the Road to WrestleMania.

WWE Fastlane 2017: Early Predictions for Matches on the Card

according to The fight saw legends Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels go head to head in a WWE World Heavyweight Champion clash.
WWE is usually known for championship wrestling fights, intense drama and producing movie stars such as The Rock and John Cena.
But it became infamous when owner Vince McMahon and a string of WWE employees were found to be influencing the outcome.
The business is producing a parody of WWE’s legendary Montreal Screwjob event which took place in 1997.
And now adult film company Brazzers wants a piece of the action.

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