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Professional cricketer on trial for rape according to : Radio New Zealand

according to A professional cricketer has gone on trial in the Hamilton District Court charged with rape.
The woman, who can’t be named, met the cricketer at a party and the two ended up back at her flat later in the evening.
She told the jury that on waking the next morning, the accused tried to initiate sex again and ended up raping her.
The two kissed and fondled and when the defendant asked for sex the woman said no, and after a while they fell asleep.
Photo: PhotosportScott Kuggeleijn, 25, is accused of sexually violating a 21-year-old woman.

Professional cricketer on trial for rape

As it stated in “We were drunk and having fun and I didn’t think I couldn’t wait to get him out of the bar, no.”
In questioning from prosecutor Jacinda Foster, the complainant told the court she was upset for most of the rest of the day.
“I didn’t think I better kick him out in case he pins me down and rapes me later.
Earlier today Kuggeleijn’s lawyer said the cricketer had “reasonable grounds” to believe the woman he’s accused of raping consented.
She told the jury they will later hear about a text that Kuggeleijn sent to the complainant later in the day after the alleged incident.

Woman details alleged rape by cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn

As it stated in “I remember collapsing on the floor and my flatmate said: ‘What’s wrong, what’s wrong?’
A woman who has accused cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn of rape says he pinned her arms down when he forced himself on her.
Kuggeleijn, 25, plays first-class cricket for Northern Districts and is the son of former Test cricketer Chris Kuggeleijn.
They both fell asleep but when they woke up later that morning she alleges Kuggeleijn became more aggressive with her.
During their time in bed together they engaged in kissing and caressing but she told Hamilton District Court on Monday that was as far as she wanted the intimacy to go.

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