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Brock Lesnar Appears After Tonight’s WWE RAW quoting : Wrestling News

according to After RAW went off the air, Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to the ring.
For the third week in a row, Brock Lesnar was at Monday Night RAW but not used on camera.
Lesnar and Show fought for a couple of minutes before Lesnar hit him with an F5 and left him in the ring to end the show.
Heyman said that his client flew into Green Bay for a fight and called out anyone in the back.
The Big Show came out to answer the challenge.

Brock Lesnar Appears After Tonight's WWE RAW

as mentioned in Sami Zayn Says He’s Sick of Samoa JoeBelow is tonight’s WWE Raw Fallout video, featuring Sami Zayn saying he’s sick of Samoa Joe, and that at Fastlane he can’t wait to show The Destroyer zero respect:
Brock Lesnar Appears After WWE RawFor the third straight week, Brock Lesnar appeared after WWE Raw despite not being used on the show.
After Raw went off the air, Paul Heyman came out and cut a promo saying that Lesnar flew to Green Bay tonight looking for a fight.
This was not a match, as there was no ref present, and Lesnar left the ring after hitting the F5.
Big Show came out to answer the challenge, and the two brawled for a bit before Lesnar hit the F5.

as mentioned in

Brock Lesnar Appears On WWE Raw After It Airs

So then what was the reason for using Lesnar on the show?
At the conclusion of this week’s Raw in Green Bay, Wisconsin, WWE ran the same exact angle by having Brock appear in a dark segment, F-5 Big Show and exit the arena.
WWE.comDespite the fact that Brock Lesnar is currently in the midst of a slow build toward a confrontation with Bill Goldberg which is leading to a rematch between the two monsters at WrestleMania 33, “The Beast” has been used rather sparingly on Raw.
WWE is trying to create exclusive “moments” for the live audience so as to drive attendance to the shows.
They’re using his rapid dominance of Big Show to try and reestablish him as a killer after the way Goldberg has treated him like a jabroni.

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