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I4U : declared in How Much Pee is in Your Swimming Pool?

according to Awareness ought to be spread among the public regarding swimming pool hygiene and safety.
The chemistry of your swimming pools needs a thorough analysis for it to be safe to practice your backstroke in.
The urine combines with other chemicals in the pool water to harm human health.
The scientists estimated that a group of swimmers released approximately 7 gallons of urine in a large pool.
Don’t Miss: Get an NES Classic within 2 HoursScientists have taken to testing for the presence of urine in pool water via a sensitive monitor which gauges levels of sweetness.

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This Is How Much Pee Is Actually In Our Swimming Pools & Human Beings Are Seriously Gross

And the number of people getting sick from public pools is on the increase in the United States.
One hotel jacuzzi was found to have more than three times the concentration of sweetener than the worst Canadian swimming pool.
I’ll be keeping my mouth clamped shut, with my head above water, as I dog paddle the next time I’m in a public pool.
Graduate student and lead author Lindsay Blackstock, said of the results, “Our study provides additional evidence that people are indeed urinating in public pools and hot tubs.
Even though it’s super good exercise for your whole body, swimming has long been labelled as one of the grossest sports around.

Do You Really Want To Know How Much Pee Is In A Public Swimming Pool?

referring to Yet if you thought the public swimming pools were bad, then whatever you do, step away from the Jacuzzi.
Researchers have tested public swimming pools in Canada, and discovered that one, a third the size of an Olympic swimming pool, contained as much as 75 liters of urine.
In one large swimming pool, with a volume of roughly 830,000 liters, the researchers estimated that there was around 75 liters of urine mixed in.
The researchers found that the eight hot tubs tested had much higher levels of urine, with one hotel Jacuzzi containing three times as much pee as the worst pool sampled.
While the notion of swimming through 75 liters might not exactly be most people’s idea of fun, proportionately that does only come to 0.009 percent of the total volume of the pool.

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