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truebluela : declared in MLB rule changes: No more outfield markers for Dodgers

as declared in The Dodgers used lasers to coordinate positioning for their outfielders, placing small markers on the field to denote certain distances or preferred spots.
But what about all those lasers the Dodgers used last year?
Rule changesHere are the rest of the rule changes jointly agreed upon for 2017:
“In every outfield, guys make marks in the field where they want to position.
There won’t be any lasers during a game anymore,” manager Dave Roberts said on Thursday.

As it stated in

‘Replace your divots!’ New MLB rule could have unintended consequences for fields

A pile of sunflower seeds “accidentally” dropped in strategic spots?
“Dropping sunflower seeds, I don’t think you can do that.
But Ausmus believes many teams used at least basic markers.
The Tigers used them for helping orient the middle infielders.
“I don’t think you could do that,” said Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus.

Pitchless intentional walks not the only MLB rule change

As it stated in Major League Baseball and the players association announced their agreement on several rule changes Thursday, including pitchless intentional walks.
— An addition to rule 5.07 likely will come to be known as the Carter Capps rule.
If there are no runners, a violation should be considered an illegal pitch under rule 6.02(b).
The rule now prohibits a pitcher from resetting his pivot foot or taking a second step toward home plate during his delivery.
If the pitcher violates the rule with a runner on base, a balk should be called.

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