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Amherst man seeks Trump impeachment according to : amherstbulletin

referring to AMHERST — Nationwide, nearly a million citizens have signed a petition calling for the impeachment of President Trump.
Richmond, California, he said, recently became the first city to call for an investigation into Trump’s impeachment.
The matter will also be on the Pelham Town Meeting warrant May 6, and residents of Leverett are also discussing the topic.
The Town Meeting action is important because it encourages McGovern, and possibly other representatives, to take action.
While Democrats are being targeted, Bonifaz said some Republicans could join in any impeachment investigation.

Amherst man seeks Trump impeachment

referring to — 50 percent of Clinton voters “would support impeachment, suggesting that opposition may be a key driver in Clinton supporters’ continued engagement.”
Key findings:— 26 percent of Clinton voters “plan to protest or resist the Trump administration.
— 43 percent of Clinton voters are not confident about democracy in America.
The biggest motivator for engagement among Millennial Clinton supporters is resisting the Trump administration, as evidenced in our polling by their willingness to support impeachment and to actively protest.
While Trump voters are less experienced politically and appear less willing to try various types of civic activities, they care about their communities.

City of Alameda calls for impeachment of President Donald Trump

referring to Vice Mayor Malia Vella and councilmember Jim Oddie brought forth the impeachment resolution City councils have no actual authority to call for an impeachment, but they can send a message.
The Alameda City Council has passed a resolution asking Congress to investigate whether to impeach President Trump.The council met late into the night before deciding to ask lawmakers to look into potential conflicts from the president’s business dealings and possible ties to Russia.
One council member said the city has other issues to focus on, like affordable housing.
“Understandably this is just a local measure, but with a Republican Congress, a Republican senate, I think you need to get this movement from the ground up,” said Mari Matsumoto, Alameda resident.Richmond became the first Bay Area city to pass a similar resolution two weeks ago.
Supporters admit it’s symbolic, but hope to create a movement.

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