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TMZ : declared in Nick Diaz Called Out By Boxing Great … Let’s Fight, You Redneck Coward

As it stated in Nick Diaz Called Out By Boxing Great Fight Me, You Redneck CowardEXCLUSIVENick Diaz just got verbally SMACKED by an ex-boxing champ who says Diaz is nothing more than a coward from a redneck city (sorry, Stockton) who’s afraid to fight a real pugilist.
The boxing great is Jean Pascal, former WBC, IBO, and The Ring magazine light heavyweight champ, who says he’s sick of UFC guys claiming they can hang with REAL boxers.
Pascal ALSO says he’s got a real problem with the way Nick trashed his buddy, GSP, before they fought back in 2013 and thinks Nick needs to be taught a lesson in humility.
Question now is, will Diaz respond?
You gotta check out the video … the guy GOES OFF.

as mentioned in

Former World Champ Jean Pascal Calls Out ‘Coward’ Nick Diaz for Boxing Match

It was his first bout since being knocked out for a second time in a light heavyweight title challenge against Sergey Kovalev 11 months earlier.
The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and his brother Nate Diaz have also spent time sparring with former boxing world title challenger Rodney Jones, as well as current light heavyweight king Andre Ward, who has repeatedly praised the boxing skills of the brother duo.
I don’t claim I can go on the floor,” Pascal continues.
“ Nick Diaz talks a lot of trash and he never had someone who can talk back to him like I can do.”Pascal was sure to clarify the rule set he wanted for a bout with Diaz, albeit in a dubious, clichéd manner.“With boxing rules.
“On the floor with a man, that’s not my thing.”“I’m pretty sure that I can whoop his ass because I’m a fighter, not a UFC wrestler.

Former Boxing Champ Jean Pascal Calls Out 'Redneck, Coward' Nick Diaz

as mentioned in “Nick Diaz talks a lot of trash.
“Nick Diaz talks a lot of trash.
The latest boxer to hop on this trend, oddly enough, is former lineal light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal.
Anyways, Pascal then went for the throat by daring to call out Diaz’s manhood, brandishing him “a coward” and, oddly enough, a redneck.
If you thought this whole boxing vs. MMA thing had died out back in the late aughts, think again!

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