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Iraqi forces ‘using imprecise Iranian missiles’ in Mosul battle stat : alaraby

referring to Last month, Iran officially announced the death of an officer from the Revolutionary Guards in west Mosul.
“The Iraqi government is unable control the military’s leadership,” Atheel al-Nujaifi, former governor of Mosul said, adding that “The Iranian missile launchers used in the battle for Mosul are imprecise”, risking civilian lives.
Iranian missiles are being used by Iraqi forces in the battle to capture Mosul, an Iraqi politician told The New Arab, who said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi must be held accountable for the recent massacre that killed hundreds of civilians in Old City district of Mosul.
Baghdad continues to deny the presence of Iranian fighters on the ground in the battle to recapture Mosul.
The UN has warned that about 600,000 people remain in the areas of west Mosul held by IS, including 400,000 who are “trapped” in the Old City under siege-like conditions.

Iraqi forces 'using imprecise Iranian missiles' in Mosul battle

referring to WASHINGTON — The US military said on Wednesday that 284 members of the Iraqi security forces had been killed since the battle to retake western Mosul began, with more than 1,600 wounded.
Army General Joseph Votel said during a congressional hearing that in addition to the casualties in western Mosul, the battle for eastern Mosul had lead to 490 members of the Iraqi security forces being killed with over 3,000 wounded.
Votel is head of the US military’s Central Command.

Over 280 Iraqi security forces members killed in west Mosul

referring to A coalition air strike – reportedly targeting IS snipers and equipment – is believed to have hit a house in the Jadida district on 17 March.
Iraqi government forces launched a major offensive to recapture Mosul, the last major IS urban stronghold in the country, in October.
Image copyright Reuters Image caption Federal police officers are involved in fierce street fightingIraqi forces say they are pushing into the Old City of Mosul and closing in on a key mosque despite fierce resistance from Islamic State (IS) militants.
Federal police chief Lt-Gen Raed Jawdat said officers were besieging the area around the Great Mosque of al-Nuri.
IS ‘traps’On Wednesday, Reuters correspondents on the ground in western Mosul reported that helicopters were strafing IS positions on the edge of the Old City.

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