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ESPN Mel Kiper regrades 2016 NFL Draft quoting : bleedinggreennation

referring to ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper regraded his original grades for the 2016 NFL Draft now that we’ve had one season to see how the picks have played out so far.
In addition to the draft picks, I also like to note undrafted rookie free agents.
If he becomes the franchise QB, it’s a great draft.”Before we get to my analysis, here’s a reminder of all the Eagles’ picks from last year.
How would you grade the Eagles’ 2016 draft today?
Kiper originally gave the Eagles a “C” grade for their draft.

ESPN Mel Kiper regrades 2016 NFL Draft

as informed in It was obvious on a scouting trip back in 2012 when, as a Midwest area scout for the Jets, Bauer saw Damon Harrison at William Penn.
Odom’s agent, Louis Bing, is an up-and-comer with one other full-time client looking to grow his business and establish himself as a strong recruiter and close confidant for NFL players.
An interest in the law — he ended up going to law school at SMU — made his eventual career shift to NFL Players Association certified contract advisor all the more obvious.
But what does that mean for him right now, a month away from the 2017 NFL Draft?
Like Odom, Bing is facing career-defining questions.

as informed in

NFL Draft 2017

The new coach of the 49ers wants to find a quarterback who will “live and die football.” And he’s not sure yet if the 2017 draft class has one.

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