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Kendrick Lamar Releases the Fire New Video for “Humble” quoting : Teen Vogue

according to Titled “Humble,” the new track arrives with a fiery video that finds the post-aughts West Coast torchbearer assuming the roles of some pretty familiar figures.
Another instantly recognizable takeaway line from the song has Kendrick speaking out against Photoshop — specifically, the whitewashing of black models.
Just a week after sharing his Donald Trump–dissing comeback track “The Heart Part 4”, the Compton rapper has returned with another scorched-earth spitfire.
Kendrick Lamar is rewarding fans for their patience.
It’s one more reason to get excited for Kendrick’s follow-up to 2015’s brilliant, shape-shifting To Pimp a Butterfly.

Kendrick Lamar Releases the Fire New Video for “Humble”

as informed in This week’s video: “Humble” by Kendrick LamarLizzie: Near the end of the day yesterday, we thought we had our idea for this week’s “One Video” all locked in, and then Kendrick Lamar went and released a new video.
If you’re going to watch only one music video every week, it might as well always be a Kendrick Lamar video.
to Aerosmith to Rihanna), has Kendrick Lamar as a young pope, Kendrick Lamar as Steve Jobs, Kendrick Lamar doing a short advertisement for Grey Poupon mustard, and uh, this:What’s special about “Humble”:Lizzie: You could say it’s special for the sole fact that it’s a Kendrick Lamar music video, the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2016’s “God is Gangsta.” While that one featured Lamar sitting alone with a bottle of liquor, questioning his faith and his success, “Humble” sees Lamar donning papal robes and taking that center seat at the Last Supper.
It’s hard to stay mad at him for disrupting our plans though; “Humble” is distractingly easy to watch, and for my money, might be the best “One Video” video yet.
How long everyone should watch “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar:Lizzie: Until every time you watch The Young Pope you see Kendrick’s face instead of Jude’s.

as informed in

Kendrick Lamar is Lyrically Fired Up and ‘Humble’

But, what is absolutely without debate is that the Compton-bred emcee is lyrically fired up and no rapper is safe.
For example as he depicts “The Last Supper” while repeating “be humble”, K. Dot leaves a lasting impression before diving into the second verse.
Whether King Kendrick Lamar is shooting darts toward Drake and Big Sean or not with his latest releases is still up for speculation – even though there’s some pretty solid evidence to validate suspicions.
In “Humble”, his latest rhyme assassination, K.Dot puts opponents on notice that they’re doing too much and need to recognize the real when it comes to his skills.
I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the PhotoshopShow me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard PryorShow me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretchmarksIn his final blows on the track, Kendrick advises all to watch him speak from his soul and affirms that he’s “the realest n—a after all.”Sheesh…April 7 is about to be insane!

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