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World Wrestling Entertainment break news: Jinder Mahal challenges John Cena to a match at Wrestlemania 34

Jinder Mahal was doing an American Management Association on Twitter while a fan asked him whom he wanted to face at Wrestlemania 34.
He too claimed which it can happen as he fully intended to be World Wrestling Entertainment Champion going into Wrestlemania & after Wrestlemania as well.
“I fully intend on being World Wrestling Entertainment Champion, come Wrestlemania, & even after Wrestlemania.
Jinder Mahal is Determine to face Kevin Owens in his match defending the championship during the Live Event in December.
Before which, he going to be participate in some capacity at Survivor Series, possibly in a champion versus champion match versus Brock Lesnar.

Jinder Mahal teases which he’ll highest impressive World Wrestling Entertainment title record

Mahal has indeed broken some incredible records as World Wrestling Entertainment Champion, as he has held the World Wrestling Entertainment title for longer than some of the greatest superstars of all time including Edge, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, large display , Batista, & Daniel Bryan.
The Modern Day Maharaja is not stopping here though, as he has his sights on breaking another World Wrestling Entertainment record, CM Punk’s World Wrestling Entertainment title reign of 434 days, the longest World Wrestling Entertainment title reign in the modern era.
Mahal talked about possibly breaking CM Punk’s title reign during an interview by Sportskeeda, telling: “Absolutely think I could.
Mahal was given the World Wrestling Entertainment title in order to have a try & promote World Wrestling Entertainment’s fanbase in India on the World Wrestling Entertainment Network.
His title reign has not been major either, Extremely there is a chance he perhaps not be holding onto the title for much longer.

Jinder Mahal teases that he'll top impressive WWE title record

This 7 days In World Wrestling Entertainment Biz: Triple H Return, Brock Lesnar versus. Jinder Mahal?, AJ Styles Plans, further

as declared in When it’s a no brainer which Sami Zayn going to be Battling alongside Owens, Alvarez reports which AJ Styles going to be joining Team Shane.
In other break news, the Observer is reporting which Lesnar can have a amazing opponent at Survivor Series: Jinder Mahal.
It’s no mystery which there has long been real-life tension among Shane & Triple H stemming from the business operations of World Wrestling Entertainment, & which can be used as a method to bring Triple H into this feud.
too, we can not forget which Triple H essentially single-handedly gave Owens the Global title in August 2016, Extremely there is obvious history among Owens & Triple H as well.
which can potentially lead to Triple H joining Team McMahon at Survivor Series in route to getting a great singles match among Owens & Triple H, might at a pay-per-view such as Royal Rumble or even WrestleMania 34.

World Wrestling Entertainment WrestleMania 34: Jinder Mahal Challenges John Cena

The rumored main event for World Wrestling Entertainment WrestleMania 34 has been Brock Lesnar versus. Roman Reigns for quite some time, however can Jinder Mahal face off John Cena in another marquee matchup on the grandest phase of them all?
Jinder Mahal’s reign as World Wrestling Entertainment Champion has surpassed AJ Styles’s, however the reactions to his time on highest have been mixed, to put it kindly.
generality of the matches Mahal has been participate in contain the same end by interference from the Singh Brothers, & the quality of these matches has been subpar.
Although it seems such as a nightmare scenario for some fans, Mahal can hold the title until World Wrestling Entertainment WrestleMania 34.
There is some history among these 2, however a WrestleMania match among Mahal & Cena would be a disaster.

WWE WrestleMania 34: Jinder Mahal Challenges John Cena

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