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Nia Jax returning to World Wrestling Entertainment in time for European tour

as declared in There truly is not much to the story of Nia Jax’s situation by World Wrestling Entertainment, that has gotten overblown because of the lack of data out on it.
Jax has a few weeks off, until the European tour.
You can call it a leave of absence, although she & World Wrestling Entertainment are both denying that, however that’s a vague terminology & it can be called that.
The premier man from World Wrestling Entertainment to comment publicly on Jax’s situation was Alexa Bliss, who is perfect friends by her & spoke to the NY Post yesterday.
Bliss said Jax is taking some time off because the schedule is grueling however that she expects her back sooner rather than later.

Nia Jax announclyUnhappy over World Wrestling Entertainment Booking, Pay Amid Leave of Absence

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty ImagesJustin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated announced Wednesday which World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Nia Jax demanded a leave of absence because of unhappiness regarding her booking & pay.
Barrasso noted which World Wrestling Entertainment granted her Demand & which Jax probably have some added leverage because of the reality which World Wrestling Entertainment legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is her cousin.
Although Nia is currently off World Wrestling Entertainment programming, Barrasso too announced which she going to return to the fold eventually.
Jax is a significant portion of Raw’s ladies’s division, & although she has yet to beat the Raw ladies’s Championship, she is orderly portion of the highest storylines.
Jax has engaged in an on-once more, off-once more alliance by Raw ladies’s champion Alexa Bliss, by the assumption which she would finallyascend to the highest of the division.

Nia Jax Reportedly Unhappy over WWE Booking, Pay Amid Leave of Absence

Alexa Bliss: The real reason Nia Jax stepped away from World Wrestling Entertainment

referring to Alexa Bliss expects Nia Jax, her best friend & on-Monitor partner in crime, going to be back in a World Wrestling Entertainment ring.
Sports Illustrated announced this 7 days that Jax demanded a leave of absence due to unhappiness by her booking & pay – one World Wrestling Entertainment granted.
“We have talked about it a lot,” Bliss told The Post.
“She only starts talking & talking & talking such as she’s never met a stranger & we shock it off & we have been best friends ever ever ever,” Bliss said.
Bliss & Jax going to both be featured on season 7 of E!’s Total Divas, that premieres Nov. one.

Reports On Nia Jax & Her case by World Wrestling Entertainment announclyOverblown, further On Her Return To Action

We too noted this 7 days that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter approved that Jax was continue booked for the European tour in November.
In an update, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that the situation by Nia & World Wrestling Entertainment has gotten overblown & that there is not much to the story.
Meltzer noted that Jax only has a few weeks off until the European tour, that kicks off on November first.
World Wrestling Entertainment & Jax are both denying that she’s been granted a leave of absence, despite the few weeks off.
Meltzer too noted that Jax is resting up ever ever she was not figured into any of the highest storylines.

Reports On Nia Jax And Her Status With WWE Reportedly Overblown, More On Her Return To Action

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