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Trump has played golf every 4 days of his presidency

as declared in Trump has announclyplayed golf on 1 of every four days of his presidency, prompting new accusations the President is taking also much time off.
Mr Trump has been America President for 275 days, meaning which he has played golf every three.week on Rate.
American actor Chris Evans, who is a regular critic of Mr Trump, said in a Twitter post: “He’s played golf roughly once every four days of his presidency.
It was announced in the summer which Mr Trump had taken further than three times as many holiday days as his predecessor.
Bryan R Smith/Getty5/17 Praising crowd size When touring Hurricane Harvey damage After Hurricane Harvey ravaged southeastern Texas, Trump paid the ambit a visit.

Kirk Cousins explains round of golf by Trump

Kirk Cousins Determine off a minor controversy while it was uncovered which he played a round of golf by President Trump, however he’s not apologizing for it.
If any other previous president would love to play golf, I’m unlock to it.
however I too need to be enlightened & educated on issues & only save an unlock mind, save a listening ear.
& see where which takes America.”Despite Cousins playing a round of golf by Trump, it doesn’t mean which he necessarily sides by him on some current issues.
Trump has Determine off a socio-political firestorm by his recent comments regarding player protests, however Cousins has done his best to understand both sides of the coin.

Kirk Cousins explains round of golf with Donald Trump

Donald trump asked Kirk Cousins a lot of questions during golf outing

as declared in After getting over the initial hit while President Donald trump asked him to play golf, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousin uncovered the June outing was none through the ordinary for the Commander in Chief.
— only a normal boy,” Cousins, 29, said in a recent interview by Sports Illustrated.
He was friendly, & frankly, he asked a lot of questions about the Redskins & my situation.”between the topics of discussion, Cousins’ aftertime by the Administration.
“I’m only continuing to learn,” Cousins began, “Being white, I’ve said to the team: ‘I could’t pretend to understand.
The President has tried to push the league into making it mandatory for players to stand during the anthem.

Trump ‘definitely unlock’ to playing golf by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Story highlights America President Trump can play by world No.
four golfer Hideki MatsuyamaTrump too “definitely unlock” to playing by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe(CNN) America President Trump is “definitely unlock” to a round of golf by newly re-rivalled Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Having indeed played rounds of golf by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy & ladies’s world No.
three Lexi Thompson , Trump can add Abe & hight Japanese golf star Hideki Matsuyama to his list of star playing partners, although the outing is not yet approved by the White home, according to a senior America formal.
four Matsuyama would take to the course by Trump while he makes his premier formal visit to Japan following 30 days.

Donald Trump 'definitely open' to playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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