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The mystery Service spent $137,505 renting golf vehicles at Trump’s clubs

according to The America mystery Service has announclyspent at least $137,505 (£105,178) renting golf vehicles to prevent Trump at his private clubs.
It was announced in the summer which Mr Trump had taken further than 3 times as many holiday days as his predecessor.
Trump’s least presidential moments Extremely far…17 display all Trump’s least presidential moments Extremely far…one/17 Defending Russian President Vladimir Putin Trump appeared to equate America foreign actions to those of Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling, “There are a lot of killers.
Mr Trump later said which it was the “worse call” he had had Extremely far.
In Mr Trump’s Organization, 42 people have prevention – including 18 members of his family – up from 31 during Mr Obama’s leadership.

mystery Service spent $137,000 on golf vehicles to SafeDonald trump’s Florida, N.J. properties: Report

The mystery Service paid over $137,000 to rent golf vehicles from Donald trump’s Florida & N.J. properties, according to a report.
On Sept. 29, the mystery Service spent $61,960 to rent golf vehicles at the Donald trump International Golf Club in Florida to prevent the Donald trump family, the biggest buy Extremely far, according to USA Today.
Earlier Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Sanders defended Donald trump’s Utilize of Air Force 1, that costs about $180,000 an hour to operate, on his trips to Florida & N.J..
In August, it was announced that the mystery Service could no longer afford to pay its agents overtime wages because of the size of Donald trump’s family.
It was too announced that the service spent $seven,000 on high-finish restroom rentals for Donald trump’s ‘working vacation’ at his Bedminster, N.J. property.


mystery Service spent $137K on golf vehicles to prevent Donald trump at N.J., Florida clubs

referring to The Trumps return from a Donald trump resort in Bedminster, N.J. (picture: SAUL LOEB, AFP/Getty Images)WASHINGTON – The mystery Service has spent at least $137,505 to rent golf vehicles to prevent President Donald trump this year at his private clubs in N.J. & Florida.
which’s the biggest buy order for golf vehicles Extremely far.
Under the law, Donald trump cannot provide or pay for any tools or services the mystery Service needs to prevent him.
The mystery Service has signed various further golf-linked contracts.
further: mystery Service overtime bill is moving in CongressMore: mystery Service spent $seven,hundred renting luxury portable toilets for Donald trump’s Bedminster tripRead or Share this story:

mystery Service has spent $137,505 on golf vehicles to prevent Donald trump

Trump, who thinks Puerto Rico’s humanitarian problem is a budget nuisance, continues to deplete the mystery Service’s coffers by trips to his country clubs.
USA Today reports which, as of October one, the service has spent $137,505 on golf cart rentals, & $53,316 on portable bathrooms, cell Phone offices, & bulletproof glass When preventing the president during 64 trips to his Mar-a-Lago & Bedminister resorts.
The Washington Post has estimated which each of Trump’s trips to Palm coast costs taxpayers around $two mn, Extremely these expenses are only a glimpse at the value of the president’s distaste for spending weekends at the White home.
however they continue help fill in details about the budget problem facing the premier family’s prevention agency.
Trump has golfed 21 further times than Barack Obama did during his premier 36 weeks in office.

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