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Pizza Hut ‘not seeing any influence’ from National Football League protests on pizza discounts

When Papa John’s was quick to blame the National Football League for lackluster discounts at its pizza restaurants during the 3rd quarter,Pizza Hut   is singing a different tune.
But,Pizza Hut  , the pizza division of Yum Brands, said Thursday which it is “not seeing any influence” from National Football League player protests on its business in the 3rd or 4th quarters of this year.
Actually, discounts at Pizza Hut  are doing quite well.
Pizza Hut is in the midst of an effort to reinvigorate its performance.
Yum reported plans in April to invest $130 mn into Pizza Hut   restaurants to upgrade tools & boost marketing spending.

Pizza Hut tells it’s ‘not seeing any influence’ on business from National Football League player protests

(Michael Conroy/Associated Press)To the head of Papa John’s, National Football League player protests have had a negative influence on his Inc.’s bottom line.
Brands, the umbrella corporation that owns Pizza Hut as well as fast-food chains like Taco Bell & KFC.
That’s in contrast by Papa John’s, that cut its earnings development expectations for the year & saw its stock fall by about ten % Wednesday.
In reaction, chief executive officerJohn Schnatter said, “National Football League leadership has injury Papa John’s shareholders.”[Papa John’s appeal that National Football League protests are hurting pizza discounts is a stretch.
Ritchie said he Guessed the earnings decline for Papa John’s “to persist” until “a solution is put in place” by the National Football League for its player protests.
Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut owner chief executive officerdefies Papa John’s with telling the National Football League is not hurting business

referring to Pizza Hut executives tell which controversy surrounding National Football League players’ protests during the national anthem has not influenced discounts.
meantime, Papa John’s chief executive officerhas blamed the league for reliefed discounts & slammed National Football League leadership.
When Papa John’s tells discounts have been shock difficulty by the controversy over National Football League players’ national-anthem protests, Pizza Hut executives tell its discounts haven’t been influenced at all.
On Wednesday, the founder & chief executive officerof Papa John’s, John Schnatter, chalked up reduce-than-Guessed discounts to the National Football League’s declining ratings amid the players’ protests.
It is worth noting which When discounts during National Football League games are important to both Papa John’s & Pizza Hut, the 2 pizza chains have different relationships by the league.
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