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This remote Oregon golf course will mesmerize you : Golf Digest

as declared in Silvies Valley Ranch Retreat and Links ain’t no links, but it definitely lives up to the retreat part of its name.
We’d heard you could play his new course clockwise one day (called the Craddock course), and counter-clockwise (the Hankins course) the next.
And the Silvies Valley Ranch signature drink, the Horseshoe Nail, allegedly garnished with a crabapple skewered by said non-rusty nail.
And so big that it wasn’t hard to find 600 acres for a golf resort that wouldn’t interfere with the raisin’ and grazin’.
We salute Campbell’s efforts to redefine the golf resort, and to make the golf course more varied and fun.

golf course

referring to A version of the Republican tax bill reportedly contains a break allowing golf course owners to obtain millions of dollars in relief

Under what are known as “conservation easements” course owners can write off a proportion of their income for tax purposes, in return for a promise not to build on the land.
Reporter confronts Donald Trump over repeated false claims US is the ‘highest taxed country’The House version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act currently retains the easement for golf course, Bloomberg reported.
An Obama-era proposal for discontinuing the deduction for golf courses alone suggested it could save the US tens of millions of dollars a year.
World news in pictures42 show all World news in pictures1/42 13 November 2017 Gianluigi Buffon reacts during Italy’s World Cup qualification match against Sweden.

New proposal emerges to redevelop Westfield golf course

referring to Stephen J. Beard/Indy Star Buy Photo Platinum Properties proposes to build homes along Wood Wind Golf Course at Towne Road and 161st Street in Westfield.
— Platinum Properties has decided to take a swing at building a residential community around the Wood Wind Golf Course, the third developer to try to win approval.
Cohoat and O’Neal Management Corp., which has been managing Wood Wind for six years, would purchase and operate the golf course.
Councilman Chuck Lehman said there’s keen interest to see the golf course saved.
He has said the golf course is not sustainable without more housing around it.

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