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Brett Favre would distinguish his grandson play golf or a ‘safer’ sport than football

The National Football League has done a perfect job of making the game of football safer in recent years, however it will never be a secure game.
Actually, Favre said that he is “not will encourage them to play” football &, When he will not stop them from doing Extremely , he would vastly prefer they play a “safer” sport such as golf if they pursue athletics.
“I have 3 grandsons — & people probably wonder the reason a retired player would be Extremely adamant about concussions & making the environment safer — I do not know if they’ll play football.
& Extremely , there is something out there that could make the environment safer, aside from helmets, & that is the surface.
Asked specifically about that direction he would push them, Favre said he wouldn’t discourage his grandsons from pursuing football, however he would definitely prefer it if they decided to spend their time playing golf.

Brett Favre wishes his grandsons play golf rather than football

Star Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger admitted final 30 days which he’s weary of football’s violence & wishes his son plays golf.
In the interview he was queried about whether he’d advise his 3 grandsons to play football.
however the likelihood of which happening, with playing football, is sohigh.
Apparently, football is at or coming to a crossroads … & golf perhaps be a key beneficiary of which.
Anyway, here’s a trailer for the Favre documentary which looks to shed light on an underreported issue:

Brett Favre has a Fresh concussion documentary, prefers grandsons play golf

as informed in This time Favre has a Fresh concussion documentary Determine to debut Thursday that probes head-to-field hits, arguing that those kinds of hits in football, Association football & other sports are a hidden factor in the concussion discussion.
The argument made in the documentary is that making turf fields softer are  going to lessen the damage from such hits.
“Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion problem” is a short documentary in that Favre serves as both subject & executive Maker.
by the Vikings Determine to face Fresh Orleans in the playoffs this weekend, the timing of the documentary’s release seems at least fortuitous.
In making the rounds to increase the Fresh documentary, Favre too appeared on the Rich Eisen display & talked about football security in general.

National Football League major Brett Favre wants his grandkids to play golf not football

Favre appeared on the Central Bank of Samoa Sports Pick 6 podcast to discuss a Fresh documentary which advanced interviews by the previous Green Bay Packers star.
The documentary, called “Shocked,” probes the overlooked concussion Risks from athletes hitting their heads versus artificial playing surfaces.
Favre noted which he has 3 young grandchildren, & he wishes they find a safer sport to play.
however the likelihood of which happening by them playing football is sohigh.
Earlier this year, current Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger echoed a similar sentiment, telling he wishes his son ends up playing golf as opposed to the ‘violent’ sport of football.


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