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American player’s girlfriend Hakim ziyech announces her pregnancy surprise

Hakim ziyech is a Moroccan football star who represents his country’s national team in all tournaments,
The team is always dependent on him in the main formation and Zeache is one of the most prominent stars of The Dutch club Ajax,
It is a key element in the Ajax attack line.
The player performed greatly in the last version of the Champions League,
the most powerful tournament in the world and ajax succeeded in reaching the quarter-finals after managing to overthrow both real madrid title holder and also the biggest clubs Of europe Italian club Juventus and destroy the hopes of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.


Hakim ziyech personal life and his friend and religion

Hakim Zayash preferred to represent his country’s moroccan national team and said that it is the country that discovered his talent and made him a professional player,
Many players prefer and tend to represent the country’s national team that has given them the opportunity to professionalize the ranks of the top clubs and life there.

Hakim Ziyech

Zeyash, of Moroccan origin, was born in a Moroccan village in Dorotin, a small town in the Netherlands.
In the midst of difficult and harsh conditions,
He was born into a poor family among eight other brothers, before losing his father,
who had long suffered from the disease,
Until he died when he was in and was wise at the time he was ten years old.

At a time when the road was dark for Zeyash, the road was open to him on the other hand, which was his hobby, which he was gifted with, namely, football,
Which he loved and excelled in practice and met with Moroccan player Aziz Zulfikar,
“He took my hand and set me the way,
filling the huge void left by my father’s departure from life,” said Zeyash, one of morocco’s oldest professional players.


Hakim Zayash’s girlfriend and her announcement of the birth

Hakim Zayash got into an affair with a girl working in the field of American model “aja narie”,
The crisis became apparent when the player’s girlfriend Hakim Zayash announced through the application “Snapchat” the news of her pregnancy with her followers.

However, the news sparked a wave of mixed and unexpected reactions from the young player by the Ravens via social media.

Hakim Ziyech

Many activists questioned the nature of the relationship he had with her,
while others denounced the news as merely a rumor,
while the international player Zeaesh remained silent and did not make any statement through his official accounts.

At the same time it was announced by the global network “whoscored” on its official page “Twitter”,
The Moroccan playmaker is the best player in the Dutch league.
This year’s average player rating from the last four games was 8.72,
Feyenoord star Robin van Persie finished with an 8.29,
followed by PSV Eindhoven’s Luke de Jong with an average of 8.28.

Hakim Ziyech

The player Hakim Zeyash is waiting for his first child,
which is considered strange for the player because of the young age and his sense of lack of experience in learning responsibility,
Especially since the player’s career with Ajax may change,
After the club announced the opening of negotiations with the player in the summer transfers to take advantage of the amount that the club will put to the player.



Life of Hakim Ziyech




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