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Angel Di Maria Argentinian winger and inspiring Parisian capital audience

Angel Di Maria is an Argentinian footballer with a career-high career with top clubs in Europe,
The player is currently serving Paris sanger man.

The great Argentinian player offers an impressive performance to the Parisian public,
especially what he has been offering in recent times against the clubs
that he had already played with them to take revenge on them after abandoning him and not believing in his abilities.

The player offers everything he has for the Parisian capital club along with a host of international football stars, most notably:
Neymar da Silva, Brazilian star and French golden boy Killian Mbappe and Uruguayan Ederson Cavani.

The talented player is one of the most prominent stars of the Argentine national team formation next to lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.

Angel Di Maria is a great Argentine player starting his career with the Round Witch

The talented player with the magical left foot and his wonderful touch of the ball,
And he’s the one with the great smile on the faces of the crowd.
The player knows his great goals in important matches It surprises everyone and makes a difference.

The player’s full name is Angel Fabian di María Hernández,
the talented player born on 14 February 1988, Born in the Argentine city of Rosario.
He is currently playing in the left-wing center with Paris Singer-Man slot touting in the French league after a long journey into the professional world.

The 31-year-old Argentinian star delivers a dazzling performance and delights football fans
in achieving great achievements.

Also, angel Di Maria began his career in the world of the round witch with the youth teams in his city Rosario very early,
He joined many football academies at the age of eight,
He gained great experience and learned the basics of football and began to take his first steps on the ladder of stardom and fame.


The player’s career and professional career

Di Maria has been in the professional world since 2005 and was the first club to have been able to make his career as Rosario Central.
The club has put the talent of the player and put him on the right track in the world of football.

In 2007, after two seasons at Rosario, Also, the player had a very good chance of moving to the Russian league
with Ruben Kazan, but the player turned down the offer.
Speaking of why he rejected this offer,
he joined the Argentine national team to play in the Under-20 World Cup and performed very well and helped his country in many exclusionary and group roles.

The 2007 Youth World Cup in Canada, in which Argentina won the title after beating the Czech Republic in
the final 2/1.
After this tournament,
Di María attracted the attention of many European teams, and in the end, signed a contract with Benfica.

Benfica Second Stations Angel Di Maria

The second division of the ladders of glory in the journey of Angel Di Maria with
the Portuguese club Benfica club which was a good opening for the Argentine player.
De Ma Rea’s move to the Portuguese club was in July 2007 following the Youth World Cup with Argentina.

It is noteworthy that Di María has acquired and enjoyed high esteem and respect from the president of Benfica Club Luis Felipe Vieira,
At a time when some thought that the player would not perform high,
And he’s just a teenager who starred in the youth team. Di Maria proved to be
the exact opposite of these expectations,
Also, He gave a very impressive performance and made a difference in the Portuguese club.

During his first months in Lisbon, he proved to be a heavyweight player who reversed expectations,
and the fans began to turn around their rising star.
The glittering phase began in the Portuguese league and the Champions League.


Angel Di Maria with The Royal Club

After spending three seasons with Benfica from 2007-2010, the player caught the attention of the Spanish club Real Madrid.
Real Madrid made a great deal of money to enjoy the services of a young player
Angel Di Maria in a deal that cost the club’s treasury 25 million euros,
a six-year contract and an estimated annual salary of 2 million euros.

The player stayed at Real For a long time and achieved a lot of championships
Also, he has participated in major tournaments such as the Champions League and played alongside real Madrid legend and the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the royal club, which is accustomed to the championships,
noticed a decline in the player’s performance and began to make a transfer deal for the player who wanted to stay at the club.

But he found it more appropriate to move on for many reasons because he felt unwilling to stay,
and because
The Man United have made a good offer for the Argentine star.


Manchester United and the stability of the Argentine star in Paris Sanger Man

In the summer of 2014, the Argentinian player moved to Manchester United in response to Real Madrid’s desire to get money from the player’s deal.
The deal cost the Red Devils’ Treasury £59.7million, the most expensive deal in the club’s history and the Premier League.

At this time the player issued fiery statements against Real Madrid where
“the player announced that his departure from Real Madrid was not his personal desire,
but he left because he did not feel appreciated by the management of the team”.

Also, the player spent a very short time with the Red Devils in the Premier League,
It is one season from 2014 to 2015.

Also, he did not give much and did not win a championship and the club had to sell it to pay
the salaries of the players and bring new deals that revive the morale of the club.

Manchester United

In the summer of 2015, Manchester United confirmed di Maria’s move to Paris Saint-Germain
Amid the complete amazement of the fans but justified this move the big deal estimated at 44 million euros and a four-year contract.

Also, the player was able to prove himself with the Parisian club in which he currently plays
and managed to win the title of the best player in the club and the player of the month award in the league.

He made crucial passes to his teammates as the most in a season of the French League, where he reached 18 passes.

He achieved the league championship with the Parisian club as well as achieved great participation in the Champions League,
And still, the player offers a great football career with the Parisian club,
the last of which was his contribution to the match real Madrid a few days ago in the Champions League
At Princes Park, Angel Di Maria scored twice in the match that ended with the royals falling 3-0.


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