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History of the player Cristiano Ronaldo and highlights


Born the best player in the world five times Cristiano Ronaldo on February 5 in 1985, born in the city of Funchal, Portugal, a city that lies West of Portugal.

Life history of the Portuguese star.

If we talked about naming the player is born of two parents (Maria Dolores) and the parent’s (Jose Dennis),
Ronaldo named player taken from one of his father’s favorite characters.

Ronaldo started his life in a very modest house tin-roofed neighborhood public class,

And didn’t come home now he’s staying at the luxurious life now easily achieved even after tiring and demanding.

We find from the difficulties that stood in his way is his father’s death at the age of hate where his father died in 2005
,due to excessive drinking alcohol becouse an injury crisis in College

His mother was forced to work as a cook to be able to raise her children, and ronldo is the fourth among his brothers in the order.

Thanks to his father’s work in one of the sports clubs as Manager

of the equipment know Ronaldo for the first time on football, Superb talent emerged,

At the age of ten years old as stated by who of sweet

that he was fond of playing football and was very distinct from the rest of his comrades.

Ronaldo love football so much he’d miss, meals and homework and

escapes from the window of his room to play football.

Had its beginnings with the Club (Nacional da Madeira-Portuguese da leha)


The brilliance of Ronaldo with Manchester United Club


Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson has contracted, with the player Cristiano Ronaldo 18-year-old for £ 13 million in August 2003.

After an exceptional performance in front of Unitedtd in a friendly match in preparation for the new season in Lisbon,

Ronaldo was able to achieve great success at Manchester United Club and achieved the begging and contributed to the Club accessMany tournaments,

And became a global Star managed to get global titles and achieve individual awards

Ronaldo took part in one of the best seasons for Manchester United.

Ronaldo was chosen as the best player in the English club Manchester United

in the first 2003-2004 season Club won promotion with the Club, Crowned FA Cup.

In the 2006-2007 season, Manchester United won the League title and crowned Ronaldo best player in Portugal and England.

Crowned celebrated bi League and Champions League scorer issued 2007-2008

Europe season with 42 goals and won numerous awards from local player season in England.

And Ronaldo, his success in 2008 season by winning the award for best player in the world during the same year,


The brilliance of Ronaldo at Real Madrid reaped many tournaments

Real Madrid has contracted with ronadio player versus (106.16 million dollars) from Manchester United in 2009 to become the most expensive player in the world at that time.

Ronaldo scored 26 goals in 29 games in the League, 2009-2010 season,

And seven goals in six games he waged in the Champions League, but real Madrid ended the season without any major title,
And coach Manuel Pellegrini was removed to replace instead Jose Mourinho.

The player has achieved a record in Spanish League scoring 40 goals in 34 appearances, 2010-2011 season,

Raising the tally of goals in La Liga to 46 goals in 38 games season 2011-2012,

But beyond him Barcelona player Lionel Messi who scored 50 goals in 37 games.

Ronaldo scored a record personally scoring 17 goals in the Champions League 2013-2014 season when Real Madrid scored a 10th title in the Champions League.

And could achieve podium with Golden Ball 4 times over the years (2008 and 2013 and 2014 and 2016).

He became the first player in the history of Champions League record 100 goal

And fifth Golden Ball scooped in December 2017 to join Messi and both players just crowned


Transfer of Ronaldo to the Club yovintos in huge deal

Uvintos Club managed to sign with Cristiano and everyone talked about it and admit it on their head coach Massimiliano Allegri Alegre and Italian defender Leonardo bonucci.

And he surprised everyone during the summer transfer period Juventus past signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, the deal amounted to 105 million euros, in addition to a € 12 million variables.

Ronaldo was able to score more than 20 goals and compete for the title of Italian League scorer and winning with his new uvintos in Italian League and Cup.

And thus achieved a new Ronaldo as the first player combines three patrols (English-Spanish-Italian).

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Ronaldo at Real Madrid



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