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Kevin De Bruyne after cheating on his girlfriend and the player’s marriage

Kevin De Bruyne is a Manchester City midfielder and captain of the Belgian national team
He leads the line-up alongside Real Madrid star Eden Hazard and Man United star Romelu Lukaku.

Kevin De Bruyne about his history and the beginning of his family life

The player is a jewel and magician for the midfield, the king of the making of chances, decisive passes,
sniper at times and the owner of the rocket shots,
Also in dark times he passes the ball in a wonderful way that impresses the crowd and surprises the opponent search that makes his teammates in the way of the goalkeeper in a single situation, contrary to what is expected of everyone.

Kevin De Bruyne

And we don’t have a lot of players in our world who can play in that position or in that way,
Or positioning well in the middle of the field and providing a midfield performance between defensive and offensive style.

Born on 28 June 1991, The Belgian player Kevin de Bruyne,
born on 28 June 1991, has emerged as an 18-year-old talent editing player who won the Belgian Professional League title in the 2010-2011 season.

The talent of the Belgian jewel emerged in his time with the club,
Kevin Bear Rowen has played in 113 games and has scored 17 goals other than the decisive passes for his teammates.
In 2015 he started with Manchester City where he moved to the club for £54 million.
The player has since shown a great level with his Manchester City team, who have been playing in their ranks so far.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Marriage and the Beginning of a Love Story

De Bruyne and his wife Michel Essroy were married in 2016 in the player’s hometown of Belgium,
The couple have been together for three years,
De Bruyne has asked to marry Michelle in a romantic moment like the movies under the Eiffel Tower while on vacation in Paris.

Kevin De Bruyne

Speaking of the story of the relationship between the two parties,
Kevin De Bruyne said in a press conference that he met his wife through the popular Twitter site,

and said that this message succeeded in changing his life.

“There’s no way you’re going to answer me, people here don’t like me,” .
His friend only had to write it to himself through De Bruyne’s account.

The player continued that he was very lucky, and says about it “changed his life and he can not give it up,
and it has sacrificed a lot since he was 19 years old until he reached what he reached.”

Kevin De Bruyne

gave birth to his current wife, Michelle, and The first is Mason, the second is Rumi, and the Man City star posts pictures of himself with his wife and two children on social media.



De Bruyne  girlfriend and her betrayal of him.

From 2014 to 2014, De Bruyne was linked to his ex-Belgian girlfriend Caroline Lineen.

But in November 2014, Caroline Lainen went out to admit to everyone that she was betrayed by Belgian player De Bruyne in the English press.

Further complicating the matter was her confession of cheating on him with a close friend at Chelsea English Club,
His team-mate, Belgian Thibaut Courtois, is a goalkeeper for the current Real Madrid club.

Lineen said that her betrayal of De Bruyne came as a form of revenge against him, especially since he had deliberately betrayed her several times before.

“My history of betrayal dates back to the beginning of 2013,Where I had travelled to Madrid,
the capital of Spain and asked Kevin de Bruyne to come but he did not,
The player courtois, who was playing for Atletico Madrid, took it at home.


Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne was at the time on loan from Chelsea to German club Weider Bremen,
De Bruyne was totally uncomfortable with the problems and controversies he suffered in the Blues team,
which the player may not have forgotten yet.

Caroline said that what she did was a joke in the player who used to betray her many times and the last time was with her best friend.

Kevin De Bruyne was in a lot of shock at the time,
but what we find from that helped him move on to his current wife’s path and get to know him.

Days before De Bruyne’s departure from Chelsea in January 2014,
he announced his romantic relationship with Belgian belle Michelle, with whom he is still close.

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