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Eden Hazard talent since the smallness

Eden Hazard talent since the smallness is a Belgian

professional footballer currently playing for English team Chelsea and also plays for the Belgian national team.

Hazard is a midfielder and knows the offensive game style and way of dodging defenders and industry opportunities.

The beginning of knowing Eden Hazard of football

Hazard was born to parents who are interested in soccer, so he started playing football at a young age too.

, sneaked into the adjacent brinoa team Stadium them through their backyard. His parents later informed his talent at home team coach to praise his talent.

Hazard started rehearsing regularly soon after to become a professional player.

, and was the first competitive game of his 10-year-old.

The career of the professional player


Join Eden hazard brinoa Club in his home town as a football player when he was four years old

, and soon noticed as a talented player fanfare, and keep playing at this club for eight years.

Monitor talent hunters club night after moving to the town of  Tubize Belgium at age thirteen, a French club class.

Join Eden hazard Lille in French team 2005, then signed his first professional contract on May 28 2007 and included an obligation to him for three years.

Hazard remained in the Club Lille locations contract for staying with the club until the year 2014

, and was awarded the young player of the year For the second time. Hazard became the first player achieves this feat.

In June 2012, the Chelsea Club team officials held a contract with the night club to join Hazard to their ranks.

Hazard in Chelsea Football Club

Hazard signed a contract for five and a half years with Chelsea on 12 February/February 2015 and the title of best player

, and has also been nominated for the title of player of the year for Chelsea and became the fifth player in it up to that level in a few years.

Hazard was convicted with achieved many titles including Chelsea

Premier League 2005 ,   2007.

Europa League   2013  ,  2019.

The FA Cup      2018.

The professional English League Cup   2015.


Personal Awards

The best player in the English League 2014 – 2015.

best young player in English League 2013 – 2014.

The best player in the French League twice.

The best young player in the French League twice.

Chelsea player of the year three times.

The best Belgian abroad 2017.

Team season in England 4 times.

Team season in France three times.


Figures convicted Hazard tokens

More Belgian player scoring goals in the Champions League.

The only Belgian player the winner for best player in the English Premier League.

Historical top scorer for Chelsea’s third in the English Premier League.

Transition of Hazard to Real Madrid

After the Declaration of the movement of convicted Hazard Royal Club stores began selling the shirt play leaked photos showed Belgian,
Belgian star will wear number 7, number Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hazard will be offered to fans officially riyal next Thursday.


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