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Frinki de Young restores the glories of the Dutch national team

Frinki de Young is a Dutch professional footballer who currently serves with Fc Barcelona in La Liga.

The wonderful young man, despite his young age, has made amazing achievements in the world of football,
In recent times, many of the great Young Dutch stars have appeared and performed with Ajax and Liverpool.

One of the most prominent Dutch players who achieved last season’s achievements (Former Ajax midfielder Frinki de Young,
The Dutch national team’s defense was heartened by Liverpool’s English player Van Dijk and former Ajax player Juventu’s current defender De Lecht.

 Frinki de Young achieves a lot of achievements and excellence in the world of the green rectangle

De Young, a talented 22-year-old Dutch man,
The Barcelona star was born on May 12, 1997. Plays in the center of the midfielder,
It is the skill of the player to be able to form and play in many positions in the middle of the field.

The Dutch star starred in the Ranks of Ajax in the Dutch Premier League especially last season the season 2017 – 2018.

The player, with the help of his great team-mates, managed to climb the Dutch club to the finals in the Champions League.
Not only this achievement, but they have been able to sweep through great teams that have their weight on the European continent, especially when we mention the name of the continent’s top.

De Jong and his colleagues managed to exclude the royal club with all its stars (Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, and other top stars),
From the round of 16 in the favorite slot for Real Madrid last season,
The total of the two matches was 5-3 in favor of the black horse in the Championship Ajax of the Netherlands.

Ajax also managed to take out Italy’s oldest club Juventus, the champion of Calcio,
Where the champions league quarter-finals were 3-2 in favor of Ajax black horse in the tournament,

This made The Portuguese international star Cristiano Ronaldo feel sorry for the performance of his team and confirms the right of the small club to skip the Italians.

The beginning of the career of Frankie De Jong and the most prominent stations

A brilliant midfielder is known for his intelligence, impressive quirks, ability and control of the ball on the field.
We discuss the highlights of the talented player’s experience and his start in the world of the round witch.
Also, the player was born in Khourykum, The City of Holland.

In 2015, he joined The Two Tilburg Club and performed great with the youth team until he learned the basics and his talent was evident in the game.

The player moved to the ajax team where his talent was discovered
by a member of the technical staff at Ajax and moved for a very small sum.

Participated for the first time in the center of the defensive midfielder,
Indeed, the player has proven himself and his abilities to be within the ideal and basic formation of the team.

 Frinki de Young achieves achievements

The Youth Academy is currently proud of The Film Two Tilburg, from which the Dutch star, who is defending his country’s national team, is graduating.
The Young Dutchman received the talent award of the season in the Second Division Dutch League.

De Jong won the 2019 Best Young Player award for his fabulous season.

De Jong’s first season with Ajax in the Dutch league was the club he bought
for 1 million euros in the summer of 2015 on a four-year contract.

One of the achievements of the player was his contribution to ajax’s arrival in the final of the 2017 Europa League.

The 2016-17 season for a player is the best during his short sports career
due to his young age,
He still has the opportunity to perform well for his current team Barcelona.

In the summer of 2019, the Catalan club announced its desire to include Dutch player Frinki de Young,
which is being contested by the top clubs in Europe.

And in the desire of the player next to the legend Lionel Messi and the wonderful Luis Suarez the young player responded to this desire and agreed to sign the contract with the biggest European clubs in a huge transfer deal,
The Catalan club’s treasury cost 75 million euros.

The player participated with the Catalan club in the new season the club
which is suffering from a lot of stumbles this season but the new midfielder,
He delivers a great performance and has managed to score and make many great passes since the start of La Liga.

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