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Gareth Bale his personal life and troubles with his wife Emma Jones

Gareth Bale is a professional footballer for Real Madrid in the Spanish League.
The player represents the Welsh national team from the European continent and is the first player with his national team.

The player is relied on in many important matches and is one of the most prominent players in the formation of Al-Marini
In spite of the crisis created by the coach of the former superstar Zinedine Zidane with the Welshman.

The player is with the royal team alongside Sergio Ramos, Luca Modric, Tony Croce, Benzema, Marcelo and other stars in the Spanish League.

Some say that Gareth Bell’s star shine
Especially after the departure of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo from the team and his departure to Juventus, the Italian club.

In our article today we will talk about the life of talented player Gareth Bell
and the most prominent figures who are beside him such as his wife and family members.

Gareth Bell Real Madrid’s Flying Wing, personal life

Some sports analysts and critics doubt the player’s performance and his inability to continue with Real Madrid,
But Bell, on many occasions when he faced harsh criticism,

returned with an iron fist and responded to his critics, not with words but with his actions in the field of the match, and he achieved great results with his club and his country.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale wife

Also, some see the launch of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah similar to the beginnings of Welsh player Gareth Bale
Especially because of the similarities in the gameplay and the right-wing position.

The two stars are also similar in playing left foot and the impressive start in the English Premier League
As we mentioned about the Welsh player Gareth Bale was the beginning of his brilliance in the English Premier League with Tottenham.

Speaking of the Welsh player and his personal life, it is said that behind every great man there is a woman
That women are the leading cause and supporter of men in the achievement industry.

Bell, who became the most expensive deal in the world in the 2013 season
after moving to Real Madrid for 120 million euros, it comes from Tottenham Hotspur.

When the player turned 27, he decided to marry his girlfriend, whom she agreed to offer to marry
The player’s wife is named Emma Jones, 26, although some think she is too old
Some believe that it is his mother, causing embarrassment at times.

Gareth Bale, Some problems that the player faced due to his wife

Gareth’s wife, Emma Jones, is a nightmare in the player’s life and his lack of focus in football
This phrase was mentioned in many sites and newspapers in the world to justify the player about the poor performance
It offers in recent times and flat decline.

The real nightmare chasing the Welsh star and threatening his future continues with Merengue
What the coach Zinedine Zidane discussed with the media.

He wants players with stability in performance due to the club entering the competition for many domestic and international championships.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale

The player’s wife’s family is the headache and nightmare of the Welsh player,
and this family has caused him to get involved in a lot of big things, distraction and lack of focus on the field.

The wife has a father named Jones,
This father, who takes advantage of the player’s reputation and attributed it to him and gets involved in the monument .

cases that reached the monument for 250 people and the amount he was charged with is a huge sum of 2 million and 500 thousand euros
This caused Jones to be imprisoned more than once.

The player was also involved by his wife due to the payment of the father’s debts and the fulfillment of great financial obligations.

And the matter did not stop for you to limit you, but instead, it developed to involve the player in the problem of her sister, whose husband died in an assassination earlier.


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