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Gareth Bale the flying winger and Ferrari of the Royal Club

Gareth Bale, the Welsh player and professional in the ranks of the Royal Club in La Liga,
Bale is one of the most skilled players in the centre of the right wing and we find mohamed Salah Al Masri with Liverpool currently playing the same role.
The Welsh man is the flying winger of Real Madrid and is counted on by the wonderful coach Zinedine Zidane,
Despite the problems between the two sides in recent days, the player is one of real Madrid’s main formations and always makes a difference with the team.

Gareth Bale is one of Real Madrid’s most prominent players alongside Sergio Ramos,
Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Benzema, Marcelo and other stars of the team who appeared, and their star clearly shines
After coming out of his cloak Cristiano Ronaldo after his departure for The O’R.


Gareth Bale’s Ferrari for Real Madrid begins his career in the world of football

Not only is the Welsh star one of the fastest players at the moment,but the young Welshman can,
Exploit this speed and add his wonderful skill and high ability to make the difference in matches.

The player offers a great performance and impressive in some games the player passes a period of awakening,
Everyone can observe this period because he has all his football abilities and can make a difference in important matches.

Gareth Bale was born on July 16, 1989.
The Welsh man is one of the most prominent stars of his country’s
national team and is the first star of the team like Ronaldo in Portugal
And Lionel Messi in Argentina as well as the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah who takes the same style of play.

Bale plays with his left foot, which is the main foot,
He can also play with the other foot playing in the center of the wing with real club manager and tends to be with the offensive trio,
It is the center where the player presents his creativity in the world of the round witch.

The Welsh player was born in Cardiff City, The Welsh city,
In a place where rugby and hockey are widespread,
he has a great ability to play on the party
He can also score goals in a great and perfect way.


The life of Gareth Bale

At the beginning of the player’s career the miraculous coach Jose Mourinho said about him
Bale will be one of the most prominent players in
the Premier League in the future and is known for his speed and skill in shooting from long distances.

Bill was born with an unaffordable family whose father is named Frank,
He is one of the employees of the school where the player was studying, and his mother is called Debbie, an operations manager.
According to the parents, Bell was a distinguished student in
the study where she received a high school diploma with excellent grades.

And just as we mentioned that he was born in their favorite sports city is hockey and riders,
Bell also excelled in these sports and was on his school’s hockey and rugby team as well as football and athletics.

Bale preferred to stay with Southampton which was
the reason why Bale came out of school to play football because he found himself a goal and charted his way.


The player’s path and his journey until he arrived to lead the offensive line of the Royal Club

The player started with Southampton after joining the team from an early age,
He was included in the team’s sunni teams and was finally able to join the first team after graduating at the age of 16 and made impressive 40 appearances, scoring 5 goals.

English clubs and many other big leagues have flocked to him.
The most prominent was Arsenal
and Tottenham Hotspur but the player’s desire was for the latter to make a four-year offer.

Bale has moved on on a £5million four-year deal and this deal is a win for Tottenham
Bale performed strongly and superbly with Tottenham,
which made his name a newspaper talk,
He was only 18 years old, but he performed a highly experienced player. He scored many wonderful goals from brilliant arched free kicks.

During his first season in the Premier League, he has scored two goals out of just nine games and in the FA Cup he has scored one goal from one game.

The 2013 season is one of the most important seasons in
the Welshman’s life as he started his way with one of the most powerful clubs in the world, the Royal Club.

Stations in the player’s life

The deal that occupied the sports media so that negotiations between Real Madrid president Perez and Daniel Levy president of Tottenham continued for several months
In the end, Real Madrid were able, thanks to cunning tricks,
to save money, wear the no.11 shirt to defend the ranks of the royal club for a whopping 99 million euros.

The English press reported that the amount amounted to 120 million euros for six seasons.

Bill is one of the world’s stars who perform scoring and effectively,
who can please the fans and is expected to solve the player’s crisis at the moment,
Especially after the closure of the summer transfer season and the royal club’s attempt to focus on the next season full of competition for championships.


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