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James Maddison midfielder Leicester City

James Maddison is a British football player born in Coventry UK on November 23, 1996,
23 years old,

Playing in midfield, playing with Coventry City and then Aberdeen,
The club was loaned to Coventry City for a year.

He joined his current club Leicester in 2018 wearing the number 10 shirt,
And he plays in England with the number 18 shirt,
Madison moved to Leicester City from Norwich City in a £ 22m deal.

James Maddison football career

 Maddison attended the Coventry Youth Academy at an early age where he was only 9 years old,
Through his talent,
he was able to prove himself to be the youngest student in the Academy for the best student and has won more awards,
As a teenager, he became the best striker in the Coventry youth team, giving him the number 10 shirt.

James Maddison

In 2013, Madison signed his first professional contract in November 2014 for three years,
where he joined the first Coventry team and showed great brilliance and skill with the team,

And continued until 2016 was a team in the third level of the English league attracted the player with his talent the interest of the big clubs that wanted to buy the player, including the English club Liverpool,

But he has not been hired because Liverpool believes the player needs some time to be ready to play for the big English clubs.

James Maddison moved to Norwich City

In February 2016 he moved to Norwich City, and at the end of the year he moved on loan to Aberdeen for one season 2016/17.

After the loan expired, he returned to Norwich in April 2017. With the arrival of new coach Daniel Fark,
he signed a four-year contract for the team and was named the best player in Norwich City.

James Maddison was playing for Norwich to be close to his family where he was very close to his parents and especially his mother,

His parents are his source of support as he travels around the city to watch Madison play and encourage him continuously.

In 2018 he joined Leicester City in a deal from Norwich City.
A five-year contract in a deal whose value has not been announcing but some have indicated that its value is around £ 20 million,

In August 2018, he scored his first Premier League goal against Wolverhampton Wanderers.
He continued to make a remarkable career, his first meeting against Bournemouth and Huddersfield Town.

2019 in the life of James Maddison

In 2019 he faces several rumors of a close deal to sign the player from a big club, some mentioning Manchester United and some mentioning Trentham,

The player responded by saying that his technical level allows him to play with the biggest clubs, and added that he played in the Legion One,

The Premier League, the Scottish Premier League,
and the Champions League said he was working hard throughout his career to develop himself and develop his skills.

International level and his participation with the national team

James Maddison

He appeared in the European Under-21 Championship qualifiers against Croatia, and in 2019 he joined the England squad,
He took part in the European Under-21 Championship and scored his first goal against Croatia in 2019.

Also, He apologized for participating in the England team because of his illness, but there is some doubt about it and saw him appear in a casino with his friends,

But the coach defended his behavior, and then participated in Chamberlain in the qualifiers for the European Championship 2020,
England won 7-0 and took part in the 56th minute.

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