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kevin de bruyne

kevin De bruyne the German FC Wolfsburg, Debroin was able to achieve the 2015 German Super Cup in 2015.

With the Man City English club

(the player won the Premier League in 2018/the cup of Professional English clubs in 2018/Premier League 2019/the Professional League Cup 2019 and the FA Cup 2019).

kevin de bruyne The march of the player kevin de bruyne International

The talent of the player made him graded in the ranks of the Belgian team quickly played in the ranks of the team for less than 18 years in 2008,
Where he played only 7 games,

and 10 matches in a team less than 19 years old, before he found himself in the ranks of the first team at the age of 19,



De Bruwen fought the first international match with the Belgian team in 2010,
The Belgian young man starred in the eyes of Belgian coach George Lickens in 2010,

Debroen started his career in Finland’s match on 11 or 2010,
Which ended with the victory of the Belgian team with a broad result (6 1),
De Bruin, the newcomer to the then-Red Devils,

has made the team’s history the most extensive.

Proving itself as a difficult equation in the basic lineup of the Belgian team despite its many stars,
in qualifying qualifiers for the World Cup year in Brazil in 2014,

The Belgian young man succeeded in registering his first goals with the team on October 12, 2012 in front of the Serbian team, which ended at that time (3 0),

Kevin also succeeded in being the team’s top scorer in the playoffs with 4 goals and leading his country to participate in the World Cup finals held in Brazil.

He played de Bruin since his debut with Belgium in 2010,

where he participated in more than 50 international games for Belgium,
It was also part of the Belgian lineup that reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016.

In 2018, like Belgium in the World Cup where he won third place after winning England in the third place match.


Wife of the player Kevin Debroin Michèle Lacroix

The Belgian man, Kevin De Bruyne, met his wife Michelle Lacroix in 2014 before his wedding in Italy last year.

Michel gave birth to a two-and-a-half-year-old child named Mason, who is now pregnant in her second child.

Michelle is the 26-year-long queen of Manchester,


during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Stoke City at Etihad Stadium on October 14, 2017 in Manchester, England.

as confirmed by British Sun, who has been interested in publishing a lengthy report on Michelle and her love story with the Belgian star.

Michelle is associated with a love story with de Bruin where she wrote on her account banstgram:

“Today is my birthday, I have the best surprise before Christmas,
I will marry my best friend, partner in adversity, love of my life “.

Belgian star Kevin de Bruin, midfielder of Manchester City English striker,

has announced that his fourth child would be waiting for his family to be composed of four people without three.

The star of the Belgian team published a photo through his personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”,

gathered by his wife and son Mason, commenting on it saying: “The duties of the elder brother”, and the wife Michel added another message of her own,

and said: “Family of 4 individuals”.The Sun, a British newspaper, said that Kevin de Bruin,

who already had a child from his wife Michel, named Mason Milian,

would become August for the second time, as he would soon add another child to his small family.


kevin de bruyne The birth of my son contributed to my transition Manchester City

Belgian player Kevin de Bruin admitted that the birth of his son played a major role in his move to Manchester City last summer because of his desire to secure all the needs of the family.

Kevin de Broin made 21 decisive passes in the Bundesliga last season with his former Wolfsburg club, before moving to Manchester City for £55 million.

“The birth of my son may be the best day of my life and cannot be compared with football,

although he played a role in a transition to Manchester City,” said former Wolfsburg star.

“If I hadn’t had this baby, I might have stayed in the ranks of Wolfsburg because I didn’t want to move, maybe I would continue my career with my former team if this happy event hadn’t happened,” he said.


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