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Player Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet And his history with Egypt…Trezeguet

Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan Trezeguet is a young Egyptian player,
born on October 1, 1994, The player was known as Trezeguet,
Is a professional Egyptian football player, playing in the center of the offensive midfield of a Turkish club (Qassim Pasha)

Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet The beginning of his life … and the name of the player

 the name of the player is Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan famous (Mahmoud Trezeguet),

The title “Trezeguet” is derived from the name of former French football player David Trezeguet,

After the young team coach found the similarity between the players in the style of play and appearance.

The first group was upgraded to Trezeguet before coach Manuel Jose,
As technical coach Manuel Jose as ‘ one of the best young people interviewed.

Trezeguet participated for the first time in the African Champions League 2012,

as a replacement for Mohamed aboutrika in a match against local rival Zamalek.

In June 2013, Trezeguet gave to experiment with French team nice post

to prove himself in the first team for MapleStory at the age of eighteen,

But the team’s need for his services, trial period was postponed so he could help the community

by injury crisis left the team suffers from the absence of many first team players.

Later the player talked about his future by announcing his intention to remain with the player at least until end of season 2013-14,

After I helped ahly win Egyptian Premier League in the season 2014-2015,
In January 2015, won best player in Egypt (plays within Egypt) to the annual Ministry of youth and sports,

player was seconded by ahly at the behest of the player in first professional experience with the Belgian team Mouscron,
And the second time with Turkish team Kasimpasa,

With Kasimpasa, became the best scorer in the Turkish League first division in season one,

prompting the Club to make a permanent transfer deal in 2018 to buy the Club and becomes the ruler of his fate,
It is a club that plays his player.

Player Mahmoud Egypt football and Trezeguet his brilliance with his

Like Trezeguet gave team youth team in less than 20 years,
And he was selected into the 2013 World Cup squad for young people under 20 years old,
Player proved his brilliance by scoring the opening goal by winning the 2-0 result for England on June 20, 2013

It was a magnificent goal demonstrates the potential of the player so rip off players before registration.

But after winning Egypt did not exceed the group stage after three games in third place.

Dugout Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet for the first time with the first national team in August 30, 2014,

Mahmoud Trezeje was 19 years old and 10 months old in the match that ended in Kenya’s 1-0 win

Trezeguet scored his first goal with the first team during a match you win 2-0 to Equatorial Guinea.


Install the trisigh feet in Egypt and the adoption of national coaches as fundamental in the formation

The player was selected Trezeguet by Argentine Hector Cooper Egypt coach within the chosen composition to play African Nations Cup 2017,
Where he was participating regularly in the lineup; elected helped to reach the final of the tournament, then 2-1 lost to Cameroon.

Trezeguet attributed to Cooper about the good performance in the Nations Cup and World Cup qualifying games 2018,
So he said ‘ he’s a coach that respects those who make the effort in training and matches.

And participated as a substitute during his victory in World Cup qualifying on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2-1),
And penalty made by Mohamed Salah Liverpool player, fellow trisigh in Egypt.

In 2018, chosen in the Egypt squad for the World Cup in 2018 Russia.

After joining the squad of 23 players,

He participated in all three group matches, and subjected to defeat Uruguay and Russia and Saudi Arabia

, and came out of the group stage.


Trezeguet (Glamor) … After taking over the Mexican Javier Aguirre leading the Egyptian team

After Javier Aguirre took charge of the Egyptian national team, Egyptian player Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet joined the team,
The professional in the ranks of Qassim Pasha Turki, where he found the player and his level is constantly increasing in terms of goals of the team.
The first appearance of 24-year-old Trezeguet dates back to 2014 when coach Shawki Gharib was the artistic director of the Pharaohs.
Al-Ahli’s former player was able to participate in 39 international matches, but his appearance was the most important and decisive was the Mexican coach,
After playing under the leadership of Shawki Gharib and Argentine Hector Cooper.

Mahmoud Trezeguet played under coach Shawki Ghraib only 160 minutes with the Egyptian national team where he was the first.

appearance before the Kenyan team to participate for 70 minutes, While the second appearance when he played a full game against Senegal in the 2015 African Nations Cup qualifiers.
It is, of course, not enough to prove what the player can do and provide his potential.

Egyption team failed to qualify for the 2015 FIFA World Cup in Equatorial Guinea, Argentine coach Hector Cooper was brought in to lead the Pharaohs,
Trezeguet began his career with Cooper in front of Guinea Bissau in a friendly ended in favor of Egypt with two goals without a reply.

 Hector Cooper was brought to lead the Pharaohs,
Trezeguet began his career with Cooper in front of Guinea Bissau in a friendly ended in favor of Egypt with two goals without a reply. In all statistics,
Trezeguet participated in 27 international appearances with the Egyptian team during the period of the coach where he managed to achieve two goals and three industry.

Mahmoud Trezeguet with Mohammed Salah and who makes the difference with the team

Trezeguet’s international lead has been on the rise since the appointment of Mexican coach Javier Aguirre to Egypt.
Where he played 10 games were able to achieve figures unlike the era of Shawki Gharib and Hector Cooper,
Where the current player Kassem Pasha scored 4 international goals and made a goal was in the last game Congo,
which ended in favor of the Egyptian team (2-0), In the framework of the competitions of the 2019 African Cup of Nations held in Egypt.

The four goals of Trezeguet have made him compete with the first-team star and professional at Liverpool FC Mohammed Salah,

Salah has scored five goals and made four in six games under current coach Javier Aguirre to be Trezeguet in a competition with Liverpool’s best player.
The player Mahmoud Trezeguet with the Egyptian team is very effective where he snatched the spotlight from the player Mohamed Salah,
And leave the opportunity to the rest of the colleagues to show their skill, and spirit high goal of raising the name of the Egyptian team.

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