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Masoud Ozil the center of the Guinars Square in the Premier League

Masoud Ozil .. The German star is the number 10 Muslim soccer player and the attacking midfielder is one of the two unique soccer players

His performance on the field is amazing and he is always admired and encouraged by the fans who love the round witch.
Ozil in 2010 is the best picture and window on the green rectangle world.


Masoud Ozil amazes millions with their amazing performance

A lot of people were astonished at the 2010 World Cup, and he was graceful and fired ballistic balls, which do not respond,
Then Arsene Wenger tried to lure him to Arsenal, the Premier League team.

But Real Madrid did a better show, including at home.
Ozil has a good presence at Real Madrid with great players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema
Angel de Maria .. Ozil was subjected to a real test when he moved to England, and therefore the focus will be on the career of sports Massoud Ozil.

Masoud Ozil
Masoud Ozil

Masoud Ozil at an early age

Masoud’s early performance attracted a lot of attention because his performance was completely different from the others,
He was very strong and appeared and was famous for his quick moves,

Here is a brief introduction to the origin of the German player, he was born on October 15, 1988.
Ozil mainly plays as an attacking midfielder, but he can also play forward.

The player Masoud Ozil started his career in the German city of Schalke, where he plays the German league.
Ozil then transferred to Schalke 04 youth club and specialized as a midfielder .. After two seasons Ozil joined Bremen for 5 million euros, where Ozil spent five years at the club Weiss Essen.

Masoud Ozil
Masoud Ozil

Ozil in Germany differs from that of his team Arsenal

The player’s performance is always great with the German national team .. Exceeding his performance in Arsenal may be because of harmony or because of his fever for the national team and his fight to raise his name.

The change in performance and dependence on the player permanently in the role of the organizer in the German national team,
A genius who always brings something new and shows his mark on the field,
He passes basic passes to his colleagues in many games and Ozil knows the center’s performance in the middle.

It gives his teammates the opportunity to score goals near the opposing team’s target area
plus it can create opportunities for colleagues by swiping or dribbling excellent.

Masoud Ozil
Masoud Ozil

Another part of Masoud Ozil’s life

The German has played in more than one league and has not settled in one league. He has also served many clubs.

Also, Ozil led his team to the UEFA Cup final in the 2009-2010 season,
Masoud became the main organizer of the Bremen team, that is, the playmaker and organizer of the balls sent from defense to attack.

Ozil was the best player in the first round of the German Bundesliga in 2009,
Ozil participated in the 100th game in the German Bundesliga on May 1, 2010 .. where he beat the former Schalke team 2-0, the score 1-0.

2009-2010 season, Masoud Ozil has been declared the best player in the first half of the season.
With the outstanding performance of Masoud Ozil at the 2010 FIFA World Cup,
which makes him one of the best young talents in Europe,

Many teams have struggled to win him and get his services such as Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Real Madrid.
On August 17, 2010, Real Madrid announced the completion of the deal with Ozil,
and it is believed that the transfer fee is around 15 million euros.





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