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Egyptian Mohamed Salah, a player of Liverpool … Champions League champion

 Mohammed Salah recipe magic to reach the top of gloryو   and competition with the stars of the ball world.  And the story of his struggle, which is not less or different from the star of the world ball,   such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.  And to relate to his personal life and also his story with the charming round.


The beginning of Egyptian player Mohamed Salah

Name: Mohamed Salah Taha Hamid Ghali
Born: June 15, 1992
Place of birth: born in ngrig village, deep in the Nile Delta, located about 120 km northwest of Cairo.

On the establishment of global player Mohamed Salah thanks to join the wireless Institute

after graduating from art school called bsion industrial Western Governor

named in his honor following his contribution to the team’s arrival to the World Cup

Raised in a conservative family and sports belong to the middle class, since his parents were serving in government posts.

However, his father was working, in addition to functionality, jasmine, trade is the main crop grown in ngrig

His father and uncle and aunt are playing football in the Youth Club ngrig renamed Gatehouse

became a big sign reading ‘ Mohamed Salah youth club ‘.



The beginning of the Egyptian player Mohammed Salah local

The talent of the player Mohammed Salah was clear and clear since childhood,   as came to Sangmery Abdelhamid Al-Saadani, who was the coach of the Shabab Youth Club Negrej.    When the boy began to hesitate at the age of eight and also says that his   success because of his will of determination and not only talent    The Egyptian player joined the Arab Contractors Club and was included in the youth until he was promoted to the first team.    He was able to play for two seasons at the club and praised his coach   at the Arab Contractors Club in Cairo Said Alshichini qualities of the player   Salah played initially with a team in the town of Basion.    And then moved to a team in the city of Tanta before being picked up by   the Contractors Club, where he spent nearly five years,   and from there to a professional trip abroad began with   the Swiss club in 2012.    

Mohammed Salah and his family life

The Egyptian player was associated with his village and his hometown where he was always keen to spend part of his vacationو   and spend holidays with her family and his keenness to share with her children their joys and sorrows    Where he found that he was not late to stand next to them whenever he allowed his connections with his clubs or with the team    Such as the player's connection to his country,   the fame and other contributions he made in the millions to improve   the services.  The player donated donations of 8 million pounds to establish nurseries   for his village hospital,   and donated 4 million to complete the establishment of the religious institute in the village.    
He also donated a number of charitable projects inside the village,   most notably the provision of the village hospital with   the best medical equipment and respiration unit.    He also donated 5 million pounds to a number of orphanages in his province,   in addition to his donation to establish an emergency unit in his village Najrej.  Not only that, as the player in all the national team matches the expenses of buying tickets,   and providing buses for about 150 of his village to attend the matches   and encourage their national team    

Liverpool star humility Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah remained modest despite the fame and millions

as a trained ngrig Youth Club dub thundering Abd alhemed saadani

That player Mohamed Salah Mohamed eight year son himself is the best player in Africa and rival the best player in the world,

and that has not changed despite the achievements made.

Salah Mohamed still goes on annual vacation with his wife and daughter in mgrig not skimp on family assistance.

And the first thing he has done is maintenance of the football stadium at the only school

in the village which learn during primary and secondary phase.

Mayor Maher Shtayeh says that during the last three years,
Salah Salah’s holiday coincided with the month of Ramadan and he spent in the village among his friends. Last year, The Egyptian striker married the current Liverpool striker from Maggie,
one of the village girls when he was 20 years old. And accompanied his wife with him to Europe where they lived daughter
named Mecca after the city where the Holy Mosque is located.


Mohamed Salah, Italy’s local tournaments

At the local level, Salah managed to win the league championship with Basel,

and finished a cup competition after losing the final The following season,

Mohammed Salah continued his brilliance with the Basel team, and participated in the Champions League,

Where he gave a remarkable performance scoring a valuable goal for his team in the game that gathered in Chelsea English.

However, Basel have yet to win any title this season.

This was one of the reasons why Salah thought of the offers of other clubs,   which came on him, the most important offers Chelsea and Liverpool English.    He finally decided to move to Chelsea for the 2013-2014 season.    Salah's career with Chelsea has not been very good. The club has a large number   of excellent players,    So it was natural for Salah to get tough competition for a place in the squad.      

The first appearance of the Egyptian player Mo Salah Bkmeis one of the largest clubs in Europe

It was his first formal appearance in the colors of the Chelsea shirt in   his team's match against Newcastle United.    However, his first goal was in his side's game against Arsenal,
 which ended six goals for nothing.    In general, this season did not satisfy Salah's ambition and his supporters. 
He played only 11 games, scoring two goals.    Due to his lack of matches with Chelsea,   he decided to move on loan to Fiorentina in an exchange deal with Cuadrado.    
During the time spent by Salah with Veronetina participated in 26 games,   scoring nine goals and during that period performed strongly.    And of course his brilliance was the focus of the other clubs,   the club Roma succeeded in winning his services to move to the ranks in   the 2015/2016 season.    Salah completed his career in Italian football and was one of   the crucial elements of the Rome line.    During his two seasons with Roma, he played 83 games in all competitions,   scoring 33 goals.    During the 2016/2017 season he was named the best player in the Italian league.    The Daily Mail reported that  Salah was chosen as one of   the top 100 global personalities.      

A point in the life of the Egyptian player Mohammed Salah and his trip in the jersey shirt

The year 2017 was a joint venture in Mohamed Salah's history. He moved to Liverpool for 42 million euros.    Salah soon announced the success of the deal with his terrible brilliance   with Liverpool,    Where he occupied the center of the right wing, and led the team to shine in   the Champions League,   and the English Premier League with a large number of goals.    And the top scorer of the English Premier League during the first leg.    If he keeps up, he is likely to win the trophy at the end of the season,   to be a historic achievement in every sense of the word.    
At the level of the Egyptian national team,   Mohammed Salah is included in his various Sunni groups and participated in many   competitions.    Scoring third in the African Youth Championship in 2011 and second in the 2017   African Nations Cup.    The biggest achievement, however, is his leadership to qualify for the 2018 World Cup,    Which the Egyptian team emerged from their competitions since the first round.      References: Player Mohamed Salah            : Mo salah liverpool      



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