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Paul Pogba is the jewel of the midfield of his life

Paul Pogba is a French footballer. of naturalized players of African descent,
The player is one of the most talented talents in the world of football. He is also one of the most prominent stars of the Premier League and one of the most important players of The Red Devils club Manchester United.
The player is of African descent specifically from the state of Guinea and his religion is Islam,
and Pogba offers an example of a good Muslim player and a great role model for young people.

Paul Pogba profile of the player and the beginning of his life in the world of the round witch

Paul Pogba is one of the premier league’s top stars and a great midfielder,
Pogba has a lot of abilities, including a remote and a perfect penalty shootout, and the player is integrated into offensive tasks and defensive assistance.
In 2014, Pogba became the most expensive player in the history of football and the world with his world-class move in the run-up to the Italian club Juventus.

Paul Pogba was born in 1993 in the French city of Lagna,
And the player is of African origin and that shows clearly on his African brown features,
Paul Pogba’s original home in Guinea.
His parent-and-father family moved to France before the young player was born and Pogba was born in France and has two other older brothers, Mathias and Florentin.
His two brothers had a passion for football but played for the Guinean national team.

Pogba’s life had some consequences and sadness as his parents separated when he was only two years old,
He lived a life in which he lacked the spirit of the father, confidence, and stability.
Pogba owes credit to his mother, who played a big role in Pogba’s arrival in the highest places in the world.


Pogba’s start in football

Pogba started his football career in the youth team in his town and was performing wonderfully and impressively in the ranks of the French youth team,
This was before he moved to professional football in one of the most powerful places to teach football the Manchester United English Academy.

It was the beginning of his career in the world of professionalism with the most prominent clubs of the Premier League Club Manchester United
In 2011,
He did not spend much time with the English club and Pogba preferred to move the following year to join the ranks of Italian club Juventus,
The dominant club in the Italian leagues. Thanks to his outstanding performance,
his team has won many titles and victories.
Pogba has also won numerous individual awards.


Paul Pogba’s awards

Pogba has won many awards, most notably in 2013, the Golden Boy Award.
He also led France to the junior World Cup.
During that tournament in 2013, he was able to win the title of the best player in the tournament.
He was also named the best young player at the 2014 World Cup.

Pogba then left the Italian club Juventus to return to the club red devils Manchester United in the English League in a huge deal amounted to 114 million euros,
Pogba achieved it as the most expensive player in the history of football at the time.

Paul Pogba currently plays for Manchester United and is one of the brightest stars of the team and is the main player in the formation,
Pogba offers a lot on the pitch, he has the fighting spirit and the spirit of leadership.
He also has the ability to shoot penalty kicks and fixed strikes.
Pogba also occasionally fires shells into the opponent’s net during the telephoto.
Pogba has won the most expensive tournament of any player in the world (World Cup) where he was able to help his country with the help of a large group of stars of the French team such as Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and others.
The Dukes won the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
This achievement is one of the most important things in the French player’s record.

Model Paul Pogba for the Islamic Religion

Paul Pogba, a Muslim of religion, announced this to the world during his participation in
2014, World Cup, which was held during Ramadan, where he fasted and broke the fast during the match.

Some attribute Paul Pogba’s Islam to his Guinean origins on the black continent.
Pogba appears in a lot of matches as he prostrates on the pitch after scoring goals or winning.
He is also in mosques to perform Islamic rituals, and I took pictures of him during hajj and umrah.

Paul Pogba is committed to the rituals of the Islamic religion, where he appears for Friday prayers constantly,
He refuses to drink alcohol.
Pogba is one of the world’s most controversial players because of his haircuts and goals in the net,
and his violation of all expectations that he will fail.

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