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PUBG Game Invaded The World

PUBG Game Invaded The World

Information About PUBG Game

– PUBG means PlayerUnknow’s BattleGrounds, battlefield in the game is happening on the island of Erangle ,

that is characterized by a kind of beauty.

– This game was sold more than 24 million copies last year.

– It has a issue for PC and Xbox is called Arma2.

– This game is inspired from books and films such as : Hunger Games and Battel Royale by Kinji Fukasaku.

Description of the game

– The game is a large number of players are downloaded in certain areas, and begin to search for clothes, weapons and cars.

– These players have teams to cooperate with each other, to try to kill the enemies and the team that keeps winning.

– The weapons and other elements on the map are randomly distributed, that making the player search on the streets and abandoned buildings and loot houses.

– But when he can’t find anything, he uses his hand to fight.


Escape from reality to the battlefield

– The game kidnaps the player where the first stage, is fun and then becomes an addiction, but in your will, that learn to play fighting methods and weapons and how to use them.

– This game turns you from a normal person to a fighter, who carries weapons and kills and plunder,

and lead to raise the proportion of adrenaline in the human body, to the enthusiasm as if in the battlefield and not just a game.

– But we should know that it is just a game of entertainment, and fun and doesn’t affect our relationship with family and friends.

The Opinion of Psychology

– The game affects psychologically the people and especially the students, because it is the person’s illusion that there is no other way.

– But violence to resolve the conflict, making him a nervous person resort to violence always.

– The game of PUBG is a dangerous game,

 because it relies on violence and make man escape from reality to the battlefield
Also affect the individual by making him socially isolated,

and does nothing but play, which it violent when dealing with other people as if the harm is normal.

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