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Raheem Sterling is a skinny English player with titles

Raheem Sterling the star of the Premier League and a professional English footballer in the ranks of Manchester City,
Also, the player is one of the premier league’s most prominent stars at
the moment and always makes a difference and changes the outcome of the game.

Pep Guardiola’s great coach relies on him in man city’s starting line-up and is always not let down by the player in the big matches.
Sterling reserves his place in the core formation and as the team captain for his scoring ability, his brilliance in the Premier League and his many points in the round.

Raheem Sterling – history and family and personal life

Raheem Sterling is an English player and manchester city star and performs spectacularly with his teammates Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne,
The player was born in Kingston in 1994.
Sterling is manchester city’s English player who plays in the center wing and is one of the premier league’s top scorers.

Sterling is a pivotal player who can play in a lot of positions on the green carpet. Stirling emigrated at the age of six to England where he settled with his mother in one of the most difficult and poorest properties in London.

Rahim learned about the incident of his father, who was killed by gangs as he passed through an ambush in Jamaica,
Stirling was nine years old when he learned of his father’s death, and his father was found dead outside a house.

Despite everything the player suffered in his childhood, it didn’t dissuade him from fulfilling his dream.
Where the player is currently with the world’s top football stars,
He is one of the premier league’s most prominent stars and scorers under his presence with Manchester City under the leadership of the wonderful coach Pep Guardiola.


Raheem Sterling’s Personal Life

Raheem Sterling has a tattoo on his right foot and is filming an M16 rifle on the leg.
This tattoo appeared before the start of the 2018 World Cup,
and caused a lot of interest from followers of Social Media, and the English media.
Also, sterling said the tattoo meant a deep meaning when the English player was young and his father fell off a shot on his foot,
This prompted Stirling to promise himself not to touch any weapon or to stay with criminals and serial killers.

Also, the English player has a wonderful family life with his mother and brothers,
and has many girlfriends and has a daughter. Stirling is no different on the pitch than outside, he is quiet and friendly.

Also, the player attended his sister’s birthday,
and was very happy and said via his account on the social networking site
“My sister Kima Lee was an amazing party. Thank God for your soul and your beautiful personality. We don’t need to talk much,
But at least we can thank God for getting past the worst.

Stirling’s journey and the important milestones of his life

It was a Raheem start with the Queens Park Rangers football club where he spent the period from 2003 to 2010. That was it.
The period is great for the player as his experience and mastery of the game increased and his talents appeared wonderful.
He spent seven years scoring multiple goals and making crucial balls for teammates.

Also, Raheem was already a star player and attracted the attention of many European international clubs.
Although Rahim played in several locations,
However, most of his impressive performance came when he was playing as a winger alongside the striker and sometimes playing in the center of the player under the striker.
In the summer of 2010, Raheem signed a contract with English club Liverpool,
playing most of the games for Liverpool’s youth team.

In 2015, Manchester City and the Premier League champions joined Sterling.
A five-year contract and a deal worth £49 million.

Also, he currently offers great performance with the club and helped the club to reach advanced roles in the Champions League as he led the club to the title of the strongest league in the high for two consecutive seasons.


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