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Raheem Sterling his football career and his achievements

Raheem Sterling is a footballer who plays for England as a Premier League star,
Also, He played for Manchester City, the Premier League club, for two consecutive seasons.
Sterling is one of the most important and prominent players in the world in the center of the wing and one of the scorers in the Premier League and is bet by many players fantasizing to score a lot of points in the game.


Raheem Sterling young player his childhood story and his secrets

Born in December 1994, he is one of the most prominent and experienced players in the Premier League.
He plays in the England wing center alongside striker Harry Kane and is a terrifying duo for the Rangers.

Raheem did not know who his father was at birth and his surname was taken from his mother’s companion.
Jamaica is the area where Sterling was born and controlled by gangs,
The area is famous for its weapons and shootings, and at the age of six, he emigrated to Britain and settled with his mother in one of the most difficult and poorest properties in London.

Rahim then learned of the killing of his father in an ambush in Jamaica when he was nine years old,
His father was found dead outside a house.

Raheem started his football career in 2000 and entered the junior stage with West Ham United until 2003,
Also In 2003 until 2008, he moved to Queens Park Rangers and because of the player’s skill and abilities, despite his short stature, he was up to play for the Under-17s until 2010.
He then moved to Liverpool Under-17s and went up with the Under-18s until he spent time with Liverpool in 2013.

Raheem Sterling has played for Liverpool in 33 games and scored 25 goals, prompting the first-team coach to step up the first-team player.
It was from 2012 to 2015 and he played 95 games, scoring 18 goals,
He moved to Manchester City in 2015 and made 104 appearances and managed to score 35 goals for the London club so far and Raheem Sterling wears his preferred shirt,
number 7, a midfielder who also plays in the position of winger and managed to get the Golden Boy Award (Golden Boy) 2014.


Raheem Sterling with the English national team and the achievements of the young player

Raheem Sterling participated with the English national team in all ages and tournaments,
He was a key player for England Under-16s and played in 7 games and scored a single goal in 2010, and in 2011 he played for the Under-17s and participated in 13 games, during which he scored 3 goals,

In 2012 the player was called up for the English under-21 team and participated in 9 games and scored 3 goals,
Speaking of his career with the English team for the first team in 2012, he played 46 games and scored 4 goals and the young player continues to provide his services to the Lions.
Sterling is also one of the key players in the formation of the team and the formation of Manchester City.

Raheem Sterling was able to win the title of a best young player in the Premier League,
He won the Premier League title for two consecutive seasons under coach Pep Guardiola.

During his many seasons with the London club,
alsoHe managed to score many goals, That was crucial in the team’s career,
especially in the last 2018-19 premier league season.

It is longer for Alman City to win the title by one point from Al-Laver and Sterling was competing for the title of premier league goalscorer,
But he was unable to achieve the title of the scorer
because of the strong competition between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane,
And Oba Mayang, who eventually shared the prize.

Raheem still offers a lot to Manchester City and expects a lot from him in the Premier League next season,
The last goal of the player was in the Charity Cup and the championship against Liverpool a few days ago.

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