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Riad Mehrez latest news and the full development of talent

Riad Mehrez, the Algerian star with the charming touch of professional football in the largest European club, Manchester City, is the English team that dominates the English championships.

We take excerpts from his great career and the beginning of forming his great talent while delving into the latest news related to the Algerian player.

The latest news of the Algerian league star Riad Mehrez

In a tweet posted in English on his Twitter account this morning: “Congratulations to Sadio Mane for the award he deserves.”

He added: “I am sorry that I could not participate, but I had to start setting goals for the next edition of the award in 2020.”

Mehrez was absent from the Hurghada party when he faced Derby in the Carabao Cup semi-final against Manchester United. Manage the city to victory 3-1.

Spherical start in the career of Riad Mehrez

Mahrez, born in France in 1991, shows his skills in the offensive midfield or in the right-wing area.
Riad Mehrez is characterized by his precise passes and he can penetrate the defence bypassing it by placing the striker in a very individual position in front of the goal.
He can easily distribute the ball onto the field or pass it on to his teammate El Feri, even if he is under pressure or intense observation.

He has high skills that distinguish him from his colleagues, he can surpass many players, master balls and corner kicks as well as penalty kicks and can carry the ball for a long time and play with his left foot.
The player’s skills are reflected in the impressive goals he scored or bypassing balls to colleagues.

Riad Mehrez
Riad Mehrez

The professional career of City Star Riad Mahrez

No one believes that the player will be one of the most famous stars on the continent and around the world
This was due to a skinny character and Riad Mehrez said in an interview: “They used to say that I was very skinny and that everyone hit me off the ball.”

His chip was not the biggest obstacle standing in his way; it was also the circumstances of his family.
His mother worked as a cleanser in a sanatorium and his father worked as an electronics engineer. He belongs to a family that is not wealthy but has enough to live.
One of the greatest traumas of Riad Mehrez in his early life was the death of his father when he was 15 years old.

The shock did not shatter the player’s back, but it prompted him to fulfil his dream and achieve his goal.
Move to the strongest league in the world with Leicester Club. As he was crowned the best player in the Premier League and won the Local League award,
This enabled him to move to Manchester City at a record price (65 million pounds sterling) and pick up three local titles in his first year.

Riad Mehrez
Riad Mehrez

Special details in the life of the star Riad Mehrez

His football career began in small clubs in the city where he grew up.
In 2009, he played with (Quimper Club) in his city and participated throughout the whole season with this club and showed a great performance.
Mehrez starred in Quimper, which led to his transfer to Le Havre.
However, he did not participate in the first team and remained with the second team until 2013.

Riad Mehrez
Riad Mehrez

This achievement led him to continue his career with Le Havre youth in the 2010 season.
He played a youth season in 2011-10 in Le Havre, where he participated in 60 games and scored 24 goals this season after his impressive performance, where he played his first official match against Angie.

On July 29, 2011, despite his young age, the player gradually got used to the professional atmosphere, and the player’s abilities and skills gradually emerged.
Despite the conviction of the coach and the skills of Riyad Mahrez, he did not play many matches in his first seasons with the first team.
But in the 2012/2013 season, the player began to shine when he won his first place with the first team,
He played 70 games with the club in three seasons and scored 10 goals.
In the 2014 summer transfer market, the player received many calls from French, German and English clubs.
But Leicester City, which the player spent with him to complete his career,
He managed to achieve a promotion at the end of the season and gain the confidence of the coach of the club despite being a new player.





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