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Riyad Mahrez family and children and important stations in the player’s life

Riyad Mahrez, star of Algeria and Manchester City, may be on the cusp of a new title in his career,
It is the 2019 African Footballer of the Year award by the African Football Confederation (CAF).

Riyad Mahrez was crowned With Algeria in the African Cup of Nations after beating Senegal 1-0 in the final match between them in Cairo on Friday night.

The life of Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez and Algeria

Riyad was playing in the Saarsel city team, it never occurred to anyone to be one of the most prominent stars of the continent and the whole world,

This was because of his slim physical structure and Riyad Mahrez says:
“They used to say I was too skinny, and anyone would push me away from the ball,” Mahrez said in an earlier interview with Al-Ghaadrian, adding: “I had good skills, but physically, I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t quick, but I worked very hard”.

His thinness was not the biggest obstacle to him, but also the circumstances of his family,
His mother worked as a cleaner in a sanatorium, and his father worked technically in electronics and he came from a family that was not rich but had enough to live,
He has not trained in the ball in well-known positions, according to a report by Sue Foot.

One of the biggest traumas riyad mahrez suffered in his early life was the death of his father, who was only 15 years old.

The shock did not break the player’s back but motivated him to reach his dream and pursue his achievement,
To be able to confirm himself in the junior grades of The Saarsel Club, and then move to Kempe club in the second division.

Riyad achieves his dream in the Premier League

But the break in his career is his move to the premier league with Leicester City,
Where he was crowned the best player in the Premier League and the title of the local league,
What qualified him to move to Man City,
at a record price (£65 million), achieving in his first year three domestic titles,

He even scored a goal in the league title at the expense of Brighton,
with a shot no less brilliant than his goal against Nigeria in the Semi-Finals of the African Cup of Nations, which algeria crowned.

Since the childhood of Riyad Mahrez, he is interested in his hair dressing and used to go to a hairdresser named Naseem,
Naseem says:
“All the time, children, ages 5 and 6, ask me to tell him how to feel like Mahrez.
A lot of customers come to me because of Riad coming from Belgium and from everywhere.
I know all his haircuts, and he always changes them and is always imitated by people. It’s like Cristiano Ronaldo in Saarsel”.


The family of Riad Mahrez, his mother, his wife and children.

Riyad was 19 when he joined Le Havre in 2010 and remained there until his move to Leicester in 2014.
When Riyad Mahrez moved to Leicester City in 2014,
the player was not yet married and we will give details of his family life.

Riyad Mahrez

Rita Johal is the wife of Riyad Mahrez, a British of Indian origin,
Mahrez married her before the start of his premier league career this season.

He gave birth to his only daughter, an Arab named Inaya, and Mahrez’s wife was credited with teaching him English,
She describes him as her right-half and he describes it as the left half,
which helped him adjust to his life in England,
which helped him a lot in his football career and focused on playing only ball.

Rita Johal, who had an affair with Riyad Mahrez for years before they got together in 2015,
Some said she was a model before her relationship with Riyad Mahrez and others reportedly said she was working in medicine.

The player’s mother loves him very much and he has a very good relationship with her and accompanied the player when he moved to Manchester City,
The player was accompanied by his wife and mother at the signing ceremony of the contract with the club and the press conference.
Riyad Mahrez loves family life very much and tries to spend as long as possible next to his wife and daughter.



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