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The history of the Belgian player Romelu lukaku and the story

Romelu lukaku is a young player, born 13 May 1993 is a Belgian football player of Congolese descent, playing offensive Center with Manchester United and the Belgian national team.

Is one of the top 5 players only registered 50 goal in the English Premier League before the age of 23 years and the fifth youngest player to score 100 Premier League goal.

Player life Romelu lukaku since childhood so professionalism And access to global player

The early start was difficult and this was confirmed by the player on his tongue with inter
“I remember my mother’s face and she’s standing in front of the fridge and don’t find what they offer me to eat only bread and milk.

He managed to achieve his dream of becoming lukaku today among the most prominent soccer players in the world and didn’t get the player to this place easily but suffered hardship too big

Born Player lukaku in Antwerp, Belgium in 1993 from parents originated from the Belgian colony of Congo.

Player reveals the suffering experienced by his family and their financial distress so little on his tongue.

“I remember the moment that I found out my family’s financial crisis, the fact

I still remember my mother’s face and she’s standing in front of the fridge and don’t find what they offer me to eat only bread and milk,

And I was your ear six years. I came home for lunch during the school break,

Says my mother was offering me the same lukaku food is a daily bread and milk.

When you’re a kid doesn’t mind is food a lot, but I realized how much suffering that we were experiencing at the time. ”

He realizes that his family lukaku pendant was big money, and he sees his mother’s milk mixed with water,
He says that it’s over I realized “lukaku did say,

One word because I didn’t want my mom to feel pressured or nervous,
but swore to Allah and promised myself to do something with my life. ”

“I knew what to do, because I am not comfortable with seeing my mother and she lives in this situation.”


March of lukaku and moving between clubs in Europe

He joined the local team rubles to lukaku bum at age five. After 4 seasons (bum rubles).

Lukaku was discovered by Belgian Club lierse Scouts to join the Youth Academy.
(Lierse) played from 2004 until 2006, scoring 121 goal in 68 games.

When did the 16th overall, lukaku Pro contract with rarest licht in 2009 lasting for 3 years.

Romulo later became a fixture in Anderlecht and scored first in minute 89 to Zulte Waregem in 2009

And finish the top season for romelu lukaku list of goalscorers in the League with 15 aim and scooped the rarest lkhet his title 30. And scored 4 goals in Group lukaku League Championship.

In the following season record lukaku 20 but couldn’t Anderlecht keep his title.

The player joins the English club Chelsea lukaku

In August 2011, joined English club Chelsea lukaku 12 million euros,

August 2011, joined English club Chelsea lukaku versus € 12 million (£ 10 million),

Rising to € 20 million (£ 17 million) with plugins.
And participated in a match for the first time lukaku win 3-1 at Norwich City in minute 83,
entered as a substitute (Fernando Torres) Star

July 2014 signed lukaku signed a contract for five years with Everton for £ 28 million, was given the shirt number 10.

He became the first player lukaku Everton scored in six straight games in the Premier League,
and the first player to score in seven straight games.

Join lukaku to Manchester on July 10, 2017, where he signed a contract for five years with an option for another year.

It was recorded in the amount of £ 75 million, plus £ 15 million extras.

His first participation in the League came five days after a home game against West Ham.

Lukaku scored two goals in the game,

winning 4-0, to become the fourth player from Manchester United scored two goals in his first participation in the League.

The player currently playing in the ranks of Manchester and holds number 9 and score many goals,
It features large physical force being able to make harder goals.


Player career international lukaku

He was elected in Belgium lukaku under 21 years and managed to score a goal in his debut against Slovenia.

On 24 February 2010, lukaku was called for the first time in the Belgian squad and was the first friendly match against Croatia.

On 11 October 2013, Belgium scored two goals as Croatia beat lukaku 2-1 to ensure that qualified Belgium elected to the 2014 World Cup.

And he was selected in the final list of participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

In round 16, romelu lukaku as a substitute before overtime and making the opening to Kevin de Bruin goal after three minutes.
And 105 minute, scored first in the tournament where Belgium beat United States 2-1.

On 6 June 2018, became officially in Belgium scorer lukaku through history by scoring 31 goal after scoring a goal in a match winning 3-0 to Egypt.

On June 18, 2018, scored two goals in winning game 3 lukaku – 0 on Panama in the opening match of the World Cup 2018. And was awarded the best player in the game.

In the following match on June 23, 2018, scored again in a match winning 5-2 to Tunisia,


Thus lukaku first player since Diego Maradona in 1986 score two goals or more in consecutive games in the World Cup.
When you have a question about your favorite star player told them is Cristiano Ronaldo

In the quarter-finals match against Brazil gave a wonderful performance and lukaku triumphed 2-1 elected
, to qualify to the World Cup semifinals and faces France

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