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Life of Serena Williams and her championships

Life of Serena Williams and her championships

Serena Williams born in 1981, williams is a professional American tennis player,  

she arrived in top one first time in 2002 for 319 weeks, williams has

39 career title, she is the last girl win the grand slam title.

 Serena Williams career

Williams start her career when she has 16 years old, her parents want her to

attend the time in her age at 14, but the president of the union refused,

the professional game she play at 1995,

She won 2 matches only in front of the player Anni Meller,

Serena did not play at 1996 because she is lose at all her matches

In 1998 she start her matches won in front of number four and its first grand slam match.

 1999 to 2001 :

 she won her first career title in single game when she won on

Emely Moresmo, in march she won the match and she become from the top 10,

williams become number 9.

serena lost her fort four matches in India and Paris and lost her title, because the injury

 she did not went to the champion in France.

At Japan she won the gold cup and she ranked number 6.

In 2001 Serena start to losing in front her sister, Serena lose in front of  

Kim Clijsters and in the stadium, the crowd led an uncivilized behavior that

led William’s family withdrawal from half of the match,

and Serena and her sister stopping play for 14 years.

 2002 to 2003:

When she left the match because her injury, she return in 2002 and win

her first career title in Scottsdale, after that she won for first time  in Miami,

she became the perfect one that win the best three in tennis.

 2004 to 2007:

Serena went to her match in Miami and she achieved success and won in the match

and return to number 7 in the match.

In Australia open in 2005, Serena refused the suggestion that she and her

sister are very strong in tennis.

She complete her match at Australia open and she lost at Miami, she had an

ankle injury in French open that cause she miss the match.

In 2008 to 2010:

Serena lost 4 matches respectively because dental surgery after that she won 3 titles respectively.

She won FAMILY CIRCLE cup, she won 17 matches in sand stadium

and won the title that first one won it.

In 2011 to 2013:

In this sense, she scour remarkable success has been achieved,

williams named international tennis federation, because she make a lot of success

2013 she won the title without give up the group, Serena return to number on for the sixth time.

 She lost in Miami and its first time she lose since 2008


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