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The life of Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is one of the most important defenders in the world right now and the most prominent of them is a Spanish football player,
The real Madrid team leader is the Spanish royal club and is a key element in the formation of any team that the player offers his services to.

Sergio Ramos, a solid defender, has his history and his career.

Born in Sergio Ramos in the Spanish city of Seville,
the capital of the Territory of Andalusia in Spain,In 1986, he started playing football from a young age,

Sergio Ramos has an older brother named René,
who is currently Sergio Ramos agent, who encouraged him to play football and made him join his village club to reveal his great talent.

Ramos currently plays for Real Madrid, one of the most powerful clubs in the world, and also one of the clubs that dominate the major leagues.

When Sergio Ramos joined the ranks of The Sevilla Spanish club in 1996,
He was included in the junior game until he drew the attention of the first-team coach to apply for the men’s team at the age of only 17 in 2003.

In 2004, he was called up to spain’s Under-19 national team to participate in the European Youth Championship,
which was won by the Spanish youth team.

He played for Sevilla’s first team as the heart of defense for two seasons and then moved to Real Madrid with a deal of 28 million euros,
which is an inflated price which is a large amount and indicates the abilities of the player in 2005.

Sergio Ramos joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2005 after performing with Sevilla’s Youth Club.
Sergio Ramos  performance was characterized by enthusiasm and the lack of loss of the ball easily and excellently controlled,
It was also characterized by the difficulty of being overtaken by the strikers on the pitch and their inability to eitthely dodge it.

All this prompted the Spanish club to provide the player with his services to the club in 2005.

Ramos’ trip with Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos   early years at Real Madrid did not achieve much success,
In the 2006-2007 season he won the title of best player in La Liga after scoring seven goals despite being a defensive player.
Together they won only three titles until 2010 (La Liga twice, the Spanish Super Cup once).

He then won 18 titles, surpassing royal club legends such as Alfredo Di Stéfano (17 titles), Fernando Hierro (17 titles), Raúl González (16 titles) and many more.

Real Madrid have a contract with Ramos until 2021 and he is still the real Madrid leader in the line of defense,

This gives him a chance to achieve more titles before retiring from the game or leaving Real Madrid.



Sergio Ramos with Spain’s first team and achieving the most expensive titles

Sergio Ramos after joining the Royal Club was first called up to the Spanish first team in 2005,
He participated with them in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers and finals in Germany.

In 2007 he participated with the Spanish national team in the European championship qualifiers and was credited with qualifying Spain,
After scoring the qualifying goal against Sweden, he played a major role in Spain winning the title for the first time in its history in 2008.

Participated with the national team in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers and the 2010 World Cup finals,
It was held in South Africa and won by the Spanish national team for the first time in its history.

He participated with the Spanish national team in 2012 in the European Championship,
the Spanish team being crowned the title and is considered one of the most expensive European titles.

In 2014, he will take part in the World Cup in Brazil with Spain.

Spain at the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Portugal and Spain

The Spanish team started its career in the World Cup Russia with a difficult confrontation with Portugal who managed

Cristiano Rolando scored three hat-tricks to lead Portugal to a 3-3 draw with Spain on Friday in the first round of group B matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Rolando scored Portugal’s three goals in the minutes (4 from a penalty kick) and (44 and 88), while Spain’s Diego Costa (24 and 55) and Nacho (58) were the targets.

Iran and Spain

It was the second match with the Iranian team and saw the game complete control of the Spanish team with an acquisition rate of 78%,
Athletic Madrid’s Diego Costa scored the goal in the 58th minute of the match to end the match with this result.


Morocco and Spain

The Moroccan team managed to embarrass the Spanish team and drop it into the trap of a draw,
Khalid Boutaib scored the goals in the 14th minute of the match and drew for Spain Esco, the player of the royal club in the 19th minute,
And scored the goal to advance to Morocco in the 81st minute Youssef Nassiri,
Before Yago Espas equalised for the Spanish national team in the 91st minute of the match.


Spain and Russia

The last match for the Spanish national team was where,
The Russian team maxed out its Spanish counterpart with penalty kicks after the two teams drew a goal for the likes of the original and additional runs of the match to continue the surprises of the World Cup Russia 2018,

The goals of the meeting in the original time scored the Russian player Sergey in the 11th minute goal in his goal while the Russian team in the 41st minute through the player Artem.
The match ended with a 4-3 victory for the Russian team through a penalty shootout to say goodbye to the Spanish team World Cup amid a cry from Ramos.


Sergio Ramos family life and his attachment to his wife and children

In 2012, Ramos entered into a relationship with journalist and broadcaster Pilar Rubio,

In 2013, he announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Pilar Rubio,
and in May May 2014, Sergio Ramos became the first father after the birth of his first son, Sergio Ramos Rubio.


Ramos has three sons: Sergio Junior, born May 6, 2014, Marco, born November 27, 2015, and Alejandro, the youngest of his children, born March 25, 2018.
On July 16, 2018, Ramos decided to marry his girlfriend Pilar Rubio. The couple agreed to hold their marriage in Ramos, Seville, on June 15, 2019.

Ramos’s brother (René) is his football agent and a fan of bullfighting, which is popular in his hometown of Seville.
Sergio Ramos brother is a fan of the Spanish national team, celebrating the victories with the club and the team using the mantle of The Matador.

Ramos is a “family person” with a close relationship with his brothers and parents,
He is also an amateur horse lover and owns a horse farm in his native Andalusia,
specifically for raising an Andalusian horse.
Sergio Ramos is a Christian on the Catholic faith, and has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary covering the upper half of his left arm.

Sergio Ramos visits Cairo during African Cup of Nations

The reception of the visit of real madrid captain and Spanish national team Sergio Ramos to Egypt was legendary,
After being the first enemy of the Egyptian fans due to the injury of the Star Liverpool English and Egyptian team Mohamed Salah during a football match in the last Champions League.

Hurghada city in Egypt is the destination of Real Madrid captain and Spain’s Sergio Ramos, who arrived there to support Egyptian tourism,

The reason he came to Egypt was at the invitation of businessman Kamel Abu Ali
Sergio Ramos reception in Hurghada witnessed a great celebration of the player despite the fact that,

Sergio Ramos injured Egyptian star Mohamed on shoulder level in the Champions League final

Real Madrid managed to win the 10th title in the Champions League
He signed the royal club shirts for some of the fans he was waiting for, and took some beautiful pictures with him, Egyptian news agencies reported.


Sergio Ramos individual and group titles

The player’s titles with his country’s national team and with the Royal Club:

One-time World Cup
European Cup twice
Champions League 3 times
Club World Cup 3 times
European Super Cup 3 times
La Liga 4 times
Copa del Rey twice

Personal prizes for the player:

The best squad in the world from the Professional Players Association 8 times
Uefa’s best squad in Europe 7 times
The best squad in the 2010 World Cup
and The best line-up at Euro 2012
The best squad in the Champions League 3 times.
The best defender in La Liga 4 times.

Sources : The Life of Sergio Ramos

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