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Sergio Ramos lives with his wife Pilar Rubio and his children

Sergio Ramos, a Spanish footballer, ranks Ramos as one of the most powerful players in the world, especially at the heart of the defence,
Ramos is one of the most important players both in the Spanish national team and at The Royal Club Real Madrid.
The leadership badge is in both Real Madrid and The Spanish team of the club Sergio Ramos, one of the oldest and most title-winning players.


Sergio Ramos and his relationship with his wife Pilar Rubio and his children

At first we talk about the player’s wife and the first encounter between them and the love story that made the Spanish star enter into a romantic relationship,
What is The Career of Pilar Rubio and her life before and after meeting Ramos.

Sergio Ramos

Pilar Rubio is a Spanish national of the same nationality as Ramos, her life is full of achievements and she has moved in many jobs,
She was initially a presenter on a television program on a Spanish channel and then became a presenter.

After that, she changed her career to acting, then went to fashion and worked as a model.
The two parties have been linked since 2012 until now and the relationship between the two lovers has developed, leading to Sergio Ramos asking Rubio to marry him in 2019.

Pilar Rubio Ramos is eight years old, where the beautiful model was born in 1978 in March,
She is now 41 years old and Ramos is eight years old, having been in love since 2012 and has three children.


Sergio Ramos’ children

Ramos’ relationship with Pilar Rubio has been strong since they were in love in 2012,
In order for that love to continue,
there must be children who are in a relationship and the parents feel responsible, and Ramos has three children ( Sergio Ramos Rubio), the eldest son born in 2014 and now 5 years old.
The middle son is 3 years old and Marco Ramos Rubiowast was born in 2015.His youngest son,
Alejandro Ramos Rubio, is one year old and was born in 2018.

Sergio Ramos

There has been a recent disagreement between the couple over the name of the third child, where Pilar Rubio said in her remarks: “I wanted to name my baby Axel,
For me, he has a nice tone on the ear,
but Ramos doesn’t like it and doesn’t feel the same enthusiasm for that name.”
Ramos wanted to choose another name for his third child, who eventually ended up being called Alejandro.

The beautiful Rio also said: Ramos for me is always the best, he is my partner and my lover and I love everything he does,
I didn’t talk to him about his clothes, but I think she’s great.


The Marriage of Sergio Ramos and the Beautiful Pilar Rubio

Ramos preferred to hold his wedding at the Cathedral of Seville, where he was born, where the wedding was held in the presence of only about 500 people who are invited by the couple’s choice.

At the forefront of the audience was the president of the club for which real madrid player Perez plays,
Ramos’ current and former stars are brazilian Roberto Carlos,
Englishman David Beckham and Croatian world player Luka Modric.


Sergio Ramos and the beginning of his career

Sergio Ramos, 33, started professional football with Spanish club Sevilla.

Ramos’s style of play is marked by violence and this is what a football defender needs to scare the forwards, but sometimes he does extra things that lead to his dismissal.

Sergio Ramos
Because of his talent and physical strength, he was able to play for sevilla’s first team at the age of 16.

Ramos has the ability to control the ball perfectly and pass it to his teammates without mistakes,
The player also has the character of leadership and charisma makes him an ideal leader who motivates his teammates and has the upper floor on the field.

Ramos is also one of the most important players of the royal club and manages to make the difference,
and has received the badge of leadership after the departure of former star Cristiano Ronaldo.



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