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The French Cup

The french cup

The Beginning

 *The French Cup of Champions, know as the French Super Cup.

is a French football tournament organized by the Trade Union and

the Federation of Journalists in France at the beginning of each season.

*The match between the first division champion and the French Cup champion.

– In the 1995/96 season,Auxerre won two Series and French Cups

and thus the Champions Cup was not established.

*In the 2007/08 season, Lyon reiterated what Auxerre had done but decided to

involve Bordeaux and the Premier League in the Champions League.

*This tournament is usually called in the majority of countries in the Super Cup.

The History

*The French Football Confederation decided to adopt an official tournament from the 1994/95 season.

*According to the rules of the tournament, at the end of the original time draw.

*The referee of the arena resort to penalty shoots rather than overtime in

order not to strain the players at the beginning of a new season.

* The current champion is Paris St German, who beats Lyon 2-0 in the 1 August 2015 match.

*The French Cup found in 15 January 1917,The idea was create by HenriDelaunay,

Secretary General of the French Football Association.

* The competition was open to participation of all the clubs.

The First Competition

*The first competition includes 48 clubs, and in 1948 became the number

of clubs share 1000 clubs,and in the current year the number of

clubs become more than 7000 clubs.

*It was the first match in the French Between Olympics DE Panting and

FC Lyon 3-0,and Olympic DE Panting wIn in front of 2000

spectator sin Paris at Saint-Michel Stadium.

*The next game was in front of 10000 fans who supported the final match

and took place in PARC DES Princes.

The Competition

* That the cup of France is consider as a knockout against the competitions of other countries.

*The extra time and penalties do not exist in the competition before 1967,but unlike the FA Cup,

they were allow to return.

*An additional time has been modify in 1969-1968.

– In 1970, The penalty shootout has confirmed.

-The extra time and penalty shootout has canceled in 1974-1975.

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