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The life of The Star of Ajax Hakim Ziyech

A wise player Hakim Ziyech of the worlds ball star his intelligence and skill
, speed pitch
Moroccan national team player, offensive style Ziyech and the defenders jump him.


A wise player life beginning Hakim Ziyech and marched his brilliance with clubs

Born in Hakim Ziyech wise holndao beginning was playing in youth akdamiat
Turning year 2007 to hernvin Club.
Include in the age group llnadihati climb to the first team in 2012. Where they shine is dramatically and superior performance feature for those around him.

Hakim Ziyech
Hakim Ziyech

2012 season with Al hernvin was traditionally for the player it was considered from the first seasons in the first team and needs to adapt, despite his talent.

2013 season player began adapting the formation and tactics trainer and began coaching involve the player in games and rely on it,
The player was able to prove himself through his skill and critical objectives as the player passes were crucial in many games of the season.

For a stunning performance by the player go Sage Ziyech in August 2014,
To Twente and signed a contract for four years. He wore the shirt number 10.

In his first season with the Club the player quickly acclimated and many and crucial goals,

And also thanks to his talent and vision to pitch well he help his team and all his colleagues for scoring goals through critical tmarirath

In 2015-2016 season Ziyech was chosen as the leader of FC Twente however he had made disrespectful comments against the Club.
2015-2016 season had more seasons, where the player’s record 17 goals and 10 assists in the Eredivisie.

Beginning of career wise Ziyech with European clubs

In the summer of 2016 was Sage Ziyech envy many European clubs such as Inter Milan and Rome in Italy.
Eventually in August 2016 Club Ajax from his contract with Sage Ziyech for four and a half seasons with monetary value reached 11 million euros from FC Twente.

Hakim Ziyech

Scored his first goal with Ziyech wesaam AJAX win 5-0 on the movie to Tilburg in the Netherlands Cup.
Wise also recorded his first goal in League with the Club winning 2-3 at Utrecht,

2017-2018 season was a great season for a player with the Club stuck by the player who entertain the masses and resolve much of the game and not overreact if we said that the most important stars AJAX.

– Wise got Ziyech’s best passer in Eredivisie 3 times 2014-2015 seasons, 2016-2017-and 2017-2018

-Ziyech received the award for best player in Moroccan2016

– Crowned world player award Ziyech AJAX 2017-2018 season

– Qualified with AJAX to the European League final 2017 before losing to Manchester United in the final.

And the player is now required in many clubs after his club AJAX in champions 2019-2020.

Where he gave a fabulous performance enabled the AJAX team ousted both Rial Madrid title holder and also the biggest European clubs Juventus Club.



Life of Hakim Ziyech




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